Best electric toothbrush for kids

Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids: My Top 7 Choices and a Detailed Guide

Without supervision, kids will develop bad habits when they’re young. They’ll eat junk food if you let them. They won’t brush their teeth as long as recommended by dentists. It’s up to the parents to introduce fun ways to ensure they are keeping up with good oral hygiene.

A fun toothbrush will help the child brush for longer. They don’t brush because it’s boring to stand in the bathroom for 2 minutes. A fun experience will make it easier for parents, too.

The best electric toothbrush for kids will make brushing exciting. It’ll add a bit of playfulness in the bathroom. Your children will beg to brush their teeth.

So which brands of electric toothbrushes should you get? We have listed here top 7 toothbrushes for kids from different brands. Let’s take a look in details.

Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids Comparison Table

Model nameTimerFeaturesRatingPrice
Sonicare Kids HX6321/02YesPacer alerts, Bluetooth, stickers4.8 / 5 Check price
Oral-B Frozen KidsYesMagic Timer™ App4.6 / 5 Check price
Aiyabrush Electric ToothbrushYes30 sec reminder, Longer battery4.6 / 5 Check price
Oral-B Kid'sYesMagic Timer™ App4.4 / 5 Check price
Brusheez Children’s ToothbrushYesRinse cup, Brushing chart4.2 / 5 Check price
Grush Toothbrush for KidsNoBluetooth, tracking control4 / 5 Check price
OLAXER kids Toothbrush
YesMusic while brushing, Stickers4 / 5 Check price

Top 7 Best Toddler Toothbrush Reviews

Philips Sonicare for Kids HX6321/02

Philips Sonicare for Kids
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The Sonicare for Kids has sonic technology as in all Sonicare toothbrushes. This one is toned down for use in a child’s toothbrush. There are 500 brush strokes per second. Those 500 strokes per second in a two-minute period translate to hundreds more brush strokes than many children can achieve on their own.

Along with a two-minute KidTimer, the toothbrush comes with a KidPacer. It’ll alert him or her to change to a new quadrant of the mouth. It’ll help ensure a quality clean throughout the entire mouth.

To make the whole process fun and encourage brushing, there is a free interactive app that has a few features. It works with Bluetooth wireless technology to pair the brush with the app. That app has a brushing coach and a tracker.

The brushing coach features cute characters. They display tips and information to keep kids busy. The guide named Sparkly uses his own mouth as a guide to show children how to brush and remove bacteria. The tracker is meant to show parents and the child’s dentist progress and performance.

My impression

Instead of standing over your child in the bathroom, they can be trusted to brush on their own at a certain age. At the same time, you want to know they’re brushing the right amount of time. The tracker will show you their progress, so it can be shown to the dentist, too.

The child can also track her progress on her own. The app makes it entertaining and fun to brush properly. It’ll even allow him to set goals for brushing and see how their brushing currently compares to days in the past.

The KidTimer and KidPacer means that parents will never have to guess about about the time spent brushing. To get a superior clean, the child has to brush for the American Dental Associations recommended 2 minutes.

  • Fun interactive app for children to learn how to brush.
  • KidPacer and KidTimer for the parents to track brushing.
  • Stickers included to personalize the toothbrush.
  • Tracker to motivate and improve the child's habits.
  • The brush head is a standard size, which might be too large for some tiny mouths.

Oral-B Pro-Health Jr. Frozen Kids

Oral-B Pro-Health Jr. Frozen Kids
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The head of the Kids Pro Health Jr surrounds the child's tiny teeth. The shape of the brush head makes it easy to clean individual teeth. Tooth by tooth, the child's mouth has improved oral hygiene. The brush head also has indicator bristles to alert you when it's time to replace.

The child-sized round brush head is also soft and sensitive for little ones. The handle of the toothbrush is good for little hands, too. The entire electric toothbrush is miniaturized for children's special needs.

Oral B has all kinds of Disney characters involved in their toothbrushes. Choose from movies like Frozen or Star Wars, Cars or Marvel for a toothbrush that your child will love. The Disney Magic app will feature those same characters when the app is downloaded to your phone. A scan of the toothbrush from your device will reveal the characters.

There's a Magic Timer App with this toothbrush. It'll help your child to brush for a longer period of time. There's a calendar that tracks progress over time. There are rewards to be earned for brushing a longer amount of time, too.

My impression

You really can't go wrong with a Disney character. Every child can appreciate the characters from their favorite movies or shows. They'll be eager to head into the bathroom morning and night to play with the toothbrush. Good brushing is almost a distant second to the fun of playing.

While you want it to be entertaining for the child, as a parent, you want a brush that will remove food. Bacteria can lead to cavities and painful dental visits. When you can get them to brush longer, it's a win-win for both of you.

Between the tiny, round brush head and the sensitive bristles, this is perfect for the needs of your child. You never want to purchase an adult toothbrush that's only been shrunk. Your child needs different features for a thorough clean that won't cause pain.

  • Interactive Disney characters to encourage brushing.
  • Round brush to surround each tooth.
  • Soft bristles for a child's specific needs.
  • Indicator bristles for replacement after a certain period of time.
  • No battery indicator to alert you when it needs to be charged.

Aiyabrush Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Kids

Aiyabrush ZR101
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This children's toothbrush comes in bright, vibrant colors that kids will like. Brushing should be as entertaining as possible. It keeps kids from being bored and fighting with you over brushing twice a day. There is pink, blue, or white to choose from with Aiyabrush.

The toothbrush as a 2-minute timer that will alert your child to let them know it's time to stop brushing. The 30-second reminder will let the child know it's time to move to another zone of the mouth. It features sonic technology and movement of 21,000 strokes per minute. That's the same amount adults are given for their brushing.

This is a great toothbrush for those between 3 and 10 years old. The brush head is very soft and able to brush without causing pain or discomfort. Some brushes are too aggressive for little teeth. It can hurt the gums, too. That won't be a concern with this toothbrush. It comes with two brush head types, too. One is an M-type with a curved surface. The other is a W-type for gentle cleaning.

The best feature of this toothbrush is the long battery life. After a full 6 hours of charging, this toothbrush will last for 100 days. If your child brushes twice per day, you won't have to charge this again for over 3 months. If you plan on doing any traveling with your child, this is a great toothbrush for that reason alone.

My impression

This toothbrush has sonic technology that delivers 21,000 movements per minute. That's a good amount for anyone interested in a clean mouth – even an adult. Where it shines for kids is the low frequency of those vibrations. The soft bristles are great for their teeth, too.

It has a timer and pacer to help your child brush effectively. The pacer will alert each time the child should move to a different zone of the mouth. The timer will keep the child on track for the right amount of time brushing.

We're truly impressed with the charging time. For just 6 hours of charge, you get over 100 days of brushing. That's with your child brushing twice per day as recommended by their dentist. This makes it a fantastic travel toothbrush. Your child can take it on vacation, to a grandparent's house, or a weekend sleepover.

  • Two brush heads included – M-type and W-type.
  • 6 hours of charging equals 100 days of brushing.
  • Sensitive toothbrush for children and adults.
  • 21,000 vibrations per minute for cleaning.
  • Fun, vibrant colors to delight the child.
  • There's no charger dock for holding the toothbrush.

Oral-B Kid's Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B Stages Power Kid’s
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Any child who is fascinated by the movie Cars will adore this electric toothbrush. The handle has distinctive colors while the brush head and wand have images from the movie. It's designed for kids ages 3 and older.

The soft bristles of this Oral B are shaped in the distinctive round brush head. This is a shape that is a feature for all of Oral B's electric toothbrushes. It surrounds each tooth to deliver focused cleaning. Especially between teeth and along the gum line.

The bristles on this toothbrush are meant for small teeth and sensitive mouths. They're extremely soft and gentle. The handle is made for small hands, too. It's ergonomic for their hands and easy to hold.

To keep brushing fun for kids, this themed toothbrush comes with an app that keeps the child on track. There's a Disney Magic Timer. It includes a calendar to track progress. The toothbrush has little games to keep kids occupied while they brush, too.

My impression

As far as entertainment, this toothbrush has so many features to keep your child occupied in the bathroom. Brushing doesn't seem like a chore when there's an app that includes games. The games provide a reward for the child to continue brushing for the full 2 minutes.

The other features are a relief to parents. There are soft bristles and an ergonomic handle for small hands. Both are features that keep your child from experiencing any pain or discomfort. It's easy to turn the brush on, and it'll provide alerts without any effort on your part.

The battery on this is rechargeable, and comes with a dock for storage. It'll keep your child's toothbrush within reach and charged. The battery charge will last for 5 days when used for 4 minutes per day as required.

  • Soft, round brush head for a child's mouth size.
  • Ergonomic handle for tiny hands.
  • Disney Magic Timer app for staying focused on brushing.
  • Plays 16 songs while brushing to indicate timing and pacing.
  • Includes stickers and badges for rewards on the app.
  • Some parents don't like that the app is needed for many of the games and rewards.

Brusheez – Children’s Electric Toothbrush

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This electric toothbrush was created for very small brushers who are just starting to develop their brushing habits. There are 4 animal-themed designs, so there's an animal for every child.

There's an alligator, pony, giraffe, and bear. Buddy the Bear, Prancy the Pony, Jovie the Giraffe, and Snappy the Croc are all fun themes that kids love. The animal covers are bright and fun while protecting the brush head from germs.

Each animal has an entire themed storage dock. It includes an extra brush head, the handle and toothbrush, a rinsing cup, and a sand timer. The sand timer will keep kids brushing for the full 2 minutes recommended by dentists. The stand can sit on the countertop or be attached to the wall. It's set up for both options.

The battery-operated toothbrush requires 2 AA batteries, so you don't have to worry about charging this toothbrush. Keep a few extra batteries on hand, and you'll never have to wait for the toothbrush to charge.

The soft brush head rotates at approximately 4000 strokes per minute. This is much slower than other electric toothbrushes, so it's good for very small children.

My impression

Most electric toothbrushes are designed for children over 3 years old. Yet, dentists recommend that you start helping your child brush much younger than that. There's much to love with these animal-themed toothbrushes. They're designed with adorable animals, so your child will start loving the toothbrush.

The small brush head, ergonomic handle, and slow speed are all fantastic for toddlers. They have to develop great brushing habits from the very beginning. This electric toothbrush will actually help them remove food without parents having to do all the brushing work.

There's a chart with this toothbrush. It'll help your child track their brushing routine. When developing good oral hygiene habits, there's no reason you can't start young. This is when they will start learning the importance of brushing and seeing a dentist.

  • Adorable animal themes for the electric toothbrush.
  • Lovely stand corresponds to the animal.
  • Includes rinsing cup and sand timer.
  • Parents can print out a brushing chart for tracking a child's progress.
  • Powered by AA batteries.
  • The sound of the toothbrush can be pretty loud and scare some younger toddlers.

Grush Smart Electric Toothbrush

Grush Smart Electric Toothbrush
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This sonic toothbrush was specifically designed with children in mind. The maker of this toothbrush actually created it out of necessity. His son wouldn't brush his teeth without a fight and had to have several of his teeth “restored.” The technology is a bit different than other toothbrushes for kids.

The technology involved specific tooth-to-tooth navigation. The toothbrush can track the exact location of the toothbrush inside the child's mouth. It uses that data to inform the games that the child will play while brushing. There are different games based on the child's age.

The tracking data from the tooth-to-tooth navigation is vital. The parents and the dentist can see where and when the child has brushed. That data can be used to check progress and instruct the child on where to focus special attention.

The toothbrush never has to be recharged. It uses a AAA battery to power the sonic nature of the toothbrush. This makes it soft enough for children who need a more gentle brushing than adults.

My impression

This is a unique toothbrush that allows parents to track their child's brushing without all the fighting. The interactive games are where the child will have the most fun. The game brush and the real brush are synced to work together. They're as synchronized as you can get between an app and a toothbrush.

The app has a color coded system that will show you and the child where she needs to focus to improve. It's a simple way to encourage brushing and understand where the child is lacking on proper technique.

If you have a child who fights about brushing, getting a sonic toothbrush with games is vital. The movement of the brush as well as the bristles are very soft and gentle.

  • Interactive app makes brushing fun.
  • AAA battery delivers less powerful sonic brushing for a child's teeth.
  • The ergonomic handle is good for small hands.
  • Tooth-to-Tooth navigation is innovative and helpful.
  • Tracking helps parents and dentists at dental visits.
  • Some parents don't like that the app requires a device like a smartphone or tablet.

OLAXER IPX6 Electric Kids Tooth Brush

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The incredibly soft bristles surround each tooth and clean from edge to edge.  That includes between the teeth and along the gums where children often miss. The bristles are made using DuPont Tynex bristles. The brush head is rubberized for a child's protection. Sensitive gums and teeth will benefit from this feature.

With this kid's electric toothbrush, they'll get 8800 oscillations each minute. That's thousands of times more strokes than a child could attempt with a manual toothbrush. It's powered by batteries, so it will never be too powerful for your child's mouth. The clean they'll get will be reflected in their dental visits.

The interval timer will alert your child when 30 seconds has passed. This is when the child should move to another portion of their mouth. The fun little musical sounds like delight and entertain them, too.

The cute toothbrush comes with designs already on the brush handle. The penguin design will be loved by most children. There are also stickers included that will help your child customize his or her toothbrush. Entertained children will look forward to brushing and will stay in the bathroom long enough to brush properly.

My impression

The battery-powered toothbrush has thousands of oscillations per minute. That's over 17,000 movements each time your child uses the toothbrush for the required two minutes. There's no way your child would be able to achieve that amount of brushing in years.

The toothbrush doesn't have the bells and whistles of some big name brands. It's a fun toothbrush that provides a serious amount of clean. Not every child needs an app to stay entertained and brushing. Sometimes, they just need a fun little boost in the bathroom.

This is a good electric toothbrush for younger children. It's not a high-powered device that will rattle their teeth. It's gentle with soft bristles and fun music. It's good as a starter electric toothbrush to see if your child would benefit from one.

  • Musical alerts will amuse children as they switch zones while brushing.
  • Battery powered with 2 AAA batteries.
  • Automatic timer for zone change and shut off.
  • Soft, gentle brush head and bristles.
  • Water resistant rated IPX6.
  • Needs new batteries from a good brand to ensure they work properly.

What to Consider when Researching Your Child's Electric Toothbrush

  • Ergonomic Design

The handle should be easy for little hands to hold firmly. It will need grips on the side, so it won’t slip out of their hands. When the toothbrush is wet, it’ll be hard for them to hold unless there are rubberized areas.

  • Low Speed

The speed of the brush strokes should be low enough for a child. The high speed of an adult toothbrush can overwhelm their tiny mouths. It can cause pain and discomfort. With a kid’s toothbrush, you’ll have a speed that works specifically for a child’s needs.

  • Soft Brush Head

There are many considerations for a child’s mouth. The brush head should be small enough and able to fit inside his or her mouth. Their tiny teeth don’t need pressure or hardness like an adult’s teeth might. A child’s electric toothbrush will have special soft brush heads.

  • Timer and Pacer

As adults, we know that dentists recommend at least 2 minutes for tooth brushing. It can feel like a long time for children to brush. It helps for them to have a way to know they’re done brushing. The timer will alert them when 2 minutes is up for brushing. The pacer will alert the child when it’s time to move to another section of the mouth.

  • Waterproof Handle

While the brush handle will be ergonomic, it could still slip into water. The child could drop the handle in a sink full of water. The handle needs to remain waterproof to ensure that water can’t seep into the case and ruin the toothbrush.

  • Apps and Entertaining Characters

One of the best ways to get a child to brush longer is to keep them entertained. The kid’s toothbrush should have apps and entertaining characters to keep them brushing for longer. It can be tough to get the child up to 2 minutes without an app.

Do Children Need an Electric Toothbrush?

Some children struggle with manual brushing. They can't reach the back teeth, or they don't brush for long enough. There are many reasons that manual brushing might not work for kids.

It's some of the same reasons that adults need an electric toothbrush. They are struggling with getting their teeth completely clean.

Children are learning life-long habits when you're teaching them to brush correctly. They need to see their efforts rewarded. It'll stop them from getting cavities and help them enjoy good teeth for years.

When they get to the dentist's office and receive glowing reports about their brushing, they'll be more apt to stick with it.

The electric toothbrush will make the entire process fun, too. A child who enjoys brushing will continue to brush without a struggle. It can be exhausting to fight with a reluctant child who doesn't want to brush.

Parents won't have a daily struggle for good habits when it's a fun activity for the child.

How Kids Can Get Better Results with an Electric Toothbrush

It's all about picking the right toothbrush for your child's particular needs. For example, a child who won't brush for the required two minutes will need a timer and pacer to keep them on track.

The child prone to cavities needs a brush that's gentle on gums but provides more cleaning. Kids have to practice proper technique even with an electric toothbrush. It's vital that parents provide guidance and tools to help their children become better brushers.

Kids can get better results with an electric toothbrush because they'll brush longer. When you brush longer, you're getting a more thorough clean. That's true of adults and children alike. Plaque is removed from teeth only through concentrated brushing for long enough every single day.

Brushing can be a daunting process even for adults. We often don't feel as if we are getting our teeth clean enough with a manual toothbrush. For children, they don't understand the importance of good brushing habits. This causes conflict when parents are strict about the child brushing his or her teeth.

An electric toothbrush takes much of that stress from parent and child. Instead of daily fights, there's a fun, new activity with their electric toothbrush. Especially if you purchase a toothbrush with characters and games through an app. It becomes entertaining to brush their teeth.

As time goes on, the parent can direct the child in how to brush better. When spots are missed, the app can make the correction fun instead of a criticism from the parent. Overall, it's creating a much better relationship between the parent and the child.

It's also creating a better relationship between the child and the dentist as well as elevating dental hygiene. The child will be less afraid to visit the dentist when there's no painful, scary procedures at every visit.

Point of View from a Dental Professional

When you purchase an electric toothbrush for your child, you're setting them up with good habits for a lifetime. Most adults don't understand the need for electric toothbrushes until they've gone through some kind of dental trauma.

They begin to experience plaque, gingivitis, excessive cavities, or other problems. Children have an advantage when they start using an electric toothbrush at a young age. They definitely won't have to worry about gum disease or cavities as they get older.

The key to good oral habits for children is to start them early and make brushing appealing. That can be done by providing a toothbrush that's entirely entertaining with characters or activities that keep them brushing longer.

It should have a pacer or timer of some kind to keep them from stopping too soon. The electric toothbrush should be small enough to fit into the back of a little one's mouth. The toothbrush can be simple to use. It doesn't have to be full of bells and whistles to be effective. Simply choose the features that you know will work to keep your child brushing regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age can your child start using an electric toothbrush?
Children should have their teeth brushed as soon as they begin to erupt from the gums. Parents can take a soft brush or cloth to remove food and milk from the teeth as early as 6 months old. As far as electric toothbrushes, many toothbrush companies recommend that a child is over the age of 3 before they’re introduced to an electric toothbrush.

Is it worth the expense for an electric toothbrush for kids?
An electric toothbrush for kids is definitely more expensive than a traditional, manual toothbrush. It could save in future serious dental work. There will be less cavities and dental work in the future when a child uses an electric toothbrush. That makes it a great investment for parents.

Will an electric toothbrush make a child's mouth sensitive?
The electric toothbrush you choose should have a soft brush and lower settings than an adult version. Even some adults find that they need to lower the settings on an electric toothbrush. With a child’s version, there shouldn’t be any mouth sensitivity or pain. It’ll have the right speed for your little one and a soft brush head for easy brushing.

Can children use an adult electric toothbrush?
You should never allow your child to use an adult electric toothbrush because they can be overwhelming. Electric toothbrushes for kids are soft and geared specifically for little teeth and sensitive gums. The brush heads are smaller, too. Even at a lower setting, an adult toothbrush can be painful and vibrate too aggressively for a child’s mouth.


The best electric toothbrush for children have certain characteristics that make them vital. First, the toothbrush has to be made specifically for tiny mouths. Their teeth and gums have different needs than an adult's mouth. Second, the brush head should be small enough to fit in the back of their mouth.

Lastly, the toothbrush has to be entertaining to keep them brushing. Good oral hygiene habits start when they're young. It's important to choose a good toothbrush to encourage good habits.

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