The Best Teeth Whitening Strips: We Reveal the Top 10

If you’ve ever wanted a whiter smile, you have come to the right place. To find the best at-home whitening products, you’ll need to read many teeth whitening strip reviews. We’ve gathered the fastest whitening strips that work the longest into an in-depth guide for you. Whitening strips are meant to remove stains and bring out the whiteness of your teeth. You won’t be embarrassed to smile anymore.

The best teeth whitening strips on the market today will whiten and brighten your smile quickly without being messy. They’ll be easy to use and produce results that you’ll love. You’ll be able to see a brighter smile that will make you proud to show off your pearly whites to the world.

Teeth Whitening Strips Comparison Table

 Added FeatureLong-Lasting ResultsPriceStrips Included
Light Included
Crest 3D Professional EffectsExpress Whitening
12+ months
Check price
Oral Essentials Whitening
Natural Ingredients
6 months
Check price28
Crest 3D Glamorous
Removes embedded stains
6+ months
Check price28
DentaPro2000 Professional
Instant results
6 months
Check price28
Crest 3D Whitestrips with Light
36 months
Check price20
Vill Beauty Teeth White Strips
Instant results
Up to 12 months
Check price28
Sheer White
Double pack
Up to 12 months
Check price20
Lovely Smile Professional Teeth Whitening
Express whitening
Up to 12 months
Check price28
Dental Duty Teeth Whitening
Strong formula
Up to 12 months
Check price28
MitButy Teeth Whitening Strips
Natural ingredients
Up to 6 months
Check price28

Top 10 Teeth Whitening Strips Reviews

Crest 3D White Professional Effects Express Whitestrips

Key features

The Professional Effects Express strips will whiten teeth in just one hour. This speedy whitening removes years of stains on the teeth for a white smile in an hour. The whiteness is instantly noticeable. You’ll get professional-level whitening within a few days. The whitening process is total after 20 days of using it every single day.


The kit comes with 2 one-hour express strips for the top and lower teeth. The other 40 strips will cover both the upper and lower teeth for 20 days of treatments. The strips have a sure grip, which means that you can eat or drink while wearing them.

My impression

The whitening strips have many features and benefits that make them a superior kit for whitening your teeth. The speedy express strips will whiten teeth in an hour. That’s perfect if you have an unexpected meeting with an important person or even a date with that special someone.

The sure-grip upper and lower strips will keep the strips from falling off. It’ll allow you to eat and drink while whitening your teeth. You won’t have to spend an hour or two without drinking any water or without a snack.

What could be better?

Some people found that they had sensitivity after use.

Oral Essentials Whitening Strips

Key features

These whitening strips give you whiter teeth without the peroxide you’ll find in other strips. There’s sage oil, dead sea salt and lemon peel oil for whitening. Citrus peels are known to white teeth over time. The ingredients won’t cause pain or sensitivity.

Oral Essentials

The strips are safe to use on veneers and crowns as well as braces. The strips won’t cause pain or issues with dental work. The strips have been tested by independent labs to ensure they work as claimed.

My impression

When you can avoid chemicals on your teeth or in your mouth, it’s best to start with that kind of whitening. Natural ingredients might take some time to work. That means you’re achieving a whiter smile without causing sensitivity and pain or jeopardizing your health.

The whitening strips work within 30 minutes. There are enough strips in the package for weeks of treatments. The taste is better than you’d expect from a whitening kit. There’s no stinging or alcohol in these strips, either.

What could be better?

Whitening is slower with these natural strips.

Crest 3D White Glamorous Whitestrips

Key features

The whitening kit from Crest won’t slip from the teeth. It will remove 10 years of stains from things like tobacco and coffee. Those stubborn stains will be removed over time with this product. It’s the first product to be accepted by the ADA. The whitening will last 6 months or more.

Crest 3D White Glamorous

The strips are easy to use and will grip without falling off. Each packet has two strips. One is for the lower teeth and the other is for the upper. They’re to be left on for 30 minutes and mold closely to your teeth.

My impression

This product is approved by the ADA for tooth whitening. It’ll remove years of stains without all the pain associated with other whitening kits. The best teeth whitening strips have the approval of dentists and the ADA like this one.

The kit whitens teeth in 30 minutes by getting deep below the surface of teeth. They have whitening ingredients that are proven to remove stains and brighten smiles. The strips will conform to your teeth, so no part of the surface is missed.

What could be better?

The strips don’t reach very far towards the back of the mouth.

DentaPro2000 Whitening Strips

Key features

The whitening kit includes 28 strips for 14 days of treatment. It’ll remove years of stains by getting deep below the surface of the enamel. Even though, it will get deep into the surface to remove stains, the whitening gel won’t cause pain.


After one treatment, you’ll see instant results. It won’t be the whitest smile possible. That will be obtained through weeks of usage. After a full 14 days of treatment, you’ll see a marked difference in the color of your teeth.

My impression

This whitening kit removes stains from things like wine, coffee, and tobacco. If you smoke, you don’t have to see the evidence in your smile. After the first round of treatment, you’ll see a noticeable lightening of yellow in the teeth.

The strips won’t be messy or sticky. All you have to do is peel the back from the strips and apply it directly onto the teeth. It’s safe for your enamel and won’t cause pain at all.

What could be better?

The gel sometimes gets stuck to the back of the strip.

Crest 3D White Strips with Light Teeth Whitening Kit

Key features

This Crest product is a no-slip whitening strip that comes with accessories for a brighter smile. While the strips alone are enough to whiten your smile over time, the light helps to weaken stains. The results will be faster with dramatically whiter teeth. They’ll last longer, too. Instead of 6 months of whitening, the results will last up to 36 months.

Crest 3D

The whitening will happen much quicker with the light and the strips. It will only take 10 days to see a whiter smile in the mirror. This is the same kind of treatment you’d get in the dentist’s office.

My impression

The blue light will brighten and whiten your smile considerably versus the strips alone. It works quickly and efficiently to create a bright smile. The strips are easy to use like all of the Crest products. The added bonus of the light means that you’ll achieve a whiter smile much quicker.

It’s important that you check with your dentist to understand the personalized white and brightening you’ll get with the lights and strips. He’ll be able to tell you if you need work before you start whitening. Teeth whitening strips reviews are favorable for this product.

What could be better?

The stickiness of the bottom strips vary from the top ones.

Vill Beauty 3D Teeth Whitening Strips

Key features

3D whitening strips are ones that will mold directly to the teeth because the strips are pliable and flexible. This will give you a whiter smile in all the nooks and crannies of your smile. It’s not a smooth surface that needs to be whitened.

Vill Beauty 3D

The whitening strips come in 14 treatments with 2 strips for each treatment. Your whitening routine should include top and bottom strips for your entire smile. The whitening will last up to 12 months when you care for your smile beyond the whitening phase.

My impression

These whitening strips will brighten and whiten your smile dramatically. They’ll remove coffee, wine, and smoking stains from the teeth. They’re safe for your enamel, but will get deep into the surface to remove yellowing.

The strips won’t cause sensitivity. They are not messy and can be used while doing other things. Some people use the strips at night before bed while others use them in the morning after brushing their teeth. You’ll need 30 to 60 minutes to see a whiter smile.

What could be better?

The strips are not recommended for anyone with sensitive teeth.

Sheer White Teeth Whitening Strips

Key features

There are a total of 20 strips available in this whitening kit. With 20% carbamide peroxide, it will whiten quickly and efficiently. The ingredients will ensure that you don’t have to worry about tooth sensitivity, either.

Sheer White

In each packet, there’s a strip for the upper teeth as well as the lower ones. The flexible material ensures that the gel will adhere to the entire surface of the teeth. The film won’t slip or fall off, either. This product has been recommended by dentists because it provides whiter teeth without all the pain associated with other strips.

My impression

One of the best features of this whitening strip kit is the ability to keep the strips on the teeth. Some gels will cause the strip to slip and slide, which makes it difficult to keep the film in place. The whitening strip has a peroxide solution that will whiten in no time at all.

This kit is reasonably priced and has extra strips for a longer treatment time. If you have teeth that need extra care and a longer whitening time, these will work. They have enough whitening agent to work quickly even for those who need a deeper whitening agent.

What could be better?

Need to be kept in the fridge.

Lovely Smile Premium Line Teeth Whitening Strips

Key features

The whitening strips from Lovely Smile boast non-slip technology. You don’t have to worry about the strips sliding off your teeth. You can smile or take a drink of water without the strips moving. They’re 100% safe for the enamel of your teeth.

Lovely Smile

Each foil packet contains two strips. One for the upper and one for the lower set of teeth. This is for a white, even smile. There are 14 packets for 2 weeks of treatments. Along with being easy to use, they’re also minty fresh. It won’t be a disgusting chore to use them.

My impression

When whitening your teeth, you want a kit that will stay on your teeth and provide quick results. The technology that keeps the strips from sliding will ensure that all the gel stays in direct contact with the surface of each tooth.

The company says it’s an express bleaching kit. In 1 hour, you’ll see a definite change in the yellowing of your teeth. The real results will happen in 14 days of treatments. That whitening will last for up to 12 months. It’s up to you how long the white will last, though.

These strips won’t cause sensitivity after whitening. That’s always a real concern for people who whiten their teeth. Some products can cause pain because of the ingredients used. That won’t be a problem with these strips.

What could be better?

Some customers have a hard time removing the strips from their teeth when left on too long.

Dental Duty Teeth Whitening Strips

Key features

This is a 14-day treatment for the upper and lower teeth. There are 28 strips included in the box. These strips will remove stains like coffee and tobacco from teeth as needed after the initial treatment, too.

Dental Duty

These strips will adhere directly to the tooth as well as in the crevices between teeth. You don’t want to have yellow in the areas between your teeth. Users don’t want the strips to shift and move while they’re being worn. That allows the gel to escape from around the teeth. It can leave a nasty taste in the mouth. These won’t shift, but they’re also mint flavored. You won’t ever get a nasty taste of bleach in your mouth.

In 30 minutes for each application, you’ll see a noticeable difference. The final result will be seen after 14 days of use. The product won’t hurt sensitive gums or teeth, either.

My impression

The teeth whitening strips will stay on the teeth without movement. You can apply these in the morning while you’re getting ready for work. Simply rinse or brush after they’re removed. You’re ready for the day.

Teeth whitening strips need a powerful bleaching agent to remove stains below the enamel. This has hydrogen peroxide in levels that will rival the treatments you’d get from a dental office. At the same time, they will protect your teeth from pain and soreness associated with bleaching.

What could be better?

The no-slip strips can be tough to remove after use.

MitButy Teeth Whitening Strips

Key features

Like many strips, these have a no-slip technology that allows you to eat and drink while wearing them. Within a few treatments, the whitening effects will be evident.

The gel used for whitening features natural coconut oil. This will help freshen your breath and eliminate bacteria when used daily. Each packet includes 2 strips for each use. You’ll need upper and lower treatment strips for an even whitening.


They’re easy to use, too. Simply peel the back and place them on the teeth. It’s important to get into the creases and dips between teeth. There will be leftover strip at the bottom that will fold behind the teeth.

My impression

The strips have the whitening agent that most have when boosting whitening effects. The strips have the added bonus of including ingredients that will lead to a fresher mouth, too.

The gel is safe for use by people who might have a sensitivity to bleaching agents. The company provides a shade guide, so you can keep track of the amount of whitening you’ll get. It’s great to have a before and after tracking system to ensure the strips are working.

What could be better?

Thick gel might ooze between teeth.

What Are Teeth Whitening Strips?

Whitening strips will bring back the natural color of your teeth. In some people, the whiteness of their teeth isn’t the brightest. Whitening strips remove the buildup of tea, red wine, coffee stains, or tobacco that can stain the teeth. Many foods can dull the whiteness of your natural smile.

Bleach or peroxide is applied to thin strips of plastic like polyethylene. The thin strips will mold to the teeth and apply the whitening agent. Whether it’s peroxide or a non-chemical bleaching agent will depend on the kind of whitening strips being used. The strips need to be used daily to see results over time.

How Do They Differ from Other Whitening Kits?

There are other whitening kits where consumers will apply the bleaching agent directly to the teeth with a brush. These are messy options that don’t protect the person’s lips or gums from the whitening agent. Instead of whitening the person’s teeth, their gums and lips will end up with splotches of whitened areas.

Whitening strips have a thin layer of bleaching agent while other kits have a thick liquid. The thick liquid doesn’t stay where it’s placed. It can taste rather disgusting, too.

The strips are easy to use at home. Dentists provide teeth whitening appointments in their offices, but that can be rather expensive. Tooth whitening takes time and repeat visits. It has to be done repeatedly throughout the year after whitening, too. Teeth don’t stay white without maintenance.

What to Consider When Choosing a Whitening Strip

  • Safe for the tooth enamel

The whitening strip you choose for your efforts to brighten your smile should be safe. The enamel of your teeth can break down under repeated attacks with chemicals and acids. The ones with bleaching agents like peroxide are safe to use because they won’t use harsh chemicals.

  • Convenient to use

With pastes and liquids, you’ll end up with a messy solution that will coat the gums and inner parts of the lips. It’s not always possible to sit with your lips drawn back for the time it takes to whiten with pastes. The strips are convenient because they’re placed against the teeth and left to do their work. It doesn’t require a brush to paint each tooth. The strips are easy to apply. They’re less messy, too.

  • Works quickly

When more of the whitening solution is applied to the tooth, it has a chance to get deep into the enamel. The strips hold the bleaching agent directly onto the tooth. This allows the solution to work quickly and whiten in less time than other types of whitening kits.

  • Long-lasting results

There will come a time when you might have to whiten teeth again. It’s not something that has to be done very often. If you use whitening strips, it’s simple to get long-lasting results. When it’s time for a touch-up, you won’t need a full course of whitening to get a bright, white smile.

  • Limit of harsh chemicals

Pastes and brushed-on liquids don’t stay in direct contact with the teeth alone. The liquid can be soaked into the gums. They can end up on the inner parts of your lips and the tongue, too. It’s a disgusting taste, and it allows chemicals to leech into the body. With strips, the solution will touch only the teeth and can be washed away after use.

  • Approved by dentists

While dentists want people to come into the office for tooth whitening, they understand that not everyone can afford visits for whitening services. They approve certain whitening strips and tooth whitening products that will whiten teeth quickly and safely.

  • No messy applications

Liquids and pastes are quite messy. You’ll end up with liquid all over the inside of your mouth even with trays. Whitening trays filled with bleaching gel still get quite messy with the solution squeezed between the teeth and overlapping the gums.

  • Accepted by dental associations

Whitening solutions that are accepted by the ADA are ones that are found safe to use at home. They’re known to whiten teeth in a way that’s effective over time. The company that creates whitening strips will work with dentists and dental associations to assure consumers that the products are effective and provide teeth whitening.

What Kind of Benefits Come from Tooth Whitening Strips?

The biggest benefit of whitening strips is a whiter smile. The person who uses a whitening strip to gain a whiter smile is also gaining confidence in their looks.

Strips are inexpensive, so you’ll end up with more money in your pocket after using them. A visit to the dentist’s office for whitening treatment can cost hundreds, and you’ll need to go repeatedly.

The best teeth whitening strips are easy to use. You peel the backing from the strips. Apply one to the bottom teeth and one to the top teeth. After a time directed by the instruction, remove the strips. You can rinse out your mouth and that’s it. This can be done as necessary and directed to get whiter teeth.

Whitening strips provide results very quickly. Within a few uses, you’ll be able to see a marked difference in the color of your teeth. The whitening you receive will last for a long time, too.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Your Whitening Strips

The strips will come in a tray with a backing that has to be removed. Pull the strip away from the tray to expose the layer of gel. Take care not to get the gel on your fingers or lips when holding.

Press the side with the gel against the front of your teeth. Keep the edge of the thin plastic below the level of your gums. Press firmly into bumps and ridges between your teeth wherever possible.

Whitening Strips

There will be leftover strip under the edge of your teeth. This edge will need to be folded under and behind the teeth. This allows the strip to stay on the teeth for the time needed.

Leave the strip on your teeth for an hour or two. The time it’s left on the teeth will vary based on the instructions included with the whitening strip kit. You might need to leave it on for 1 hour or longer.

Use a paper towel to grip the thin strip and remove it from the teeth. It can be tossed into the trash when you’re finished.

There will be a layer of gel on your teeth left behind by the strip. You can rinse with mouthwash or use a toothbrush to remove the gel.

Ingredients in Strips

There are a variety of ingredients in teeth whitening kits. The type of ingredients as well as the levels will depend on the manufacturer.

Hydrogen peroxide is the common ingredient used in whitening kits. It’s used in higher concentrations with more ingredients that help the peroxide do its job more effectively.

Alcohol is one of the main ingredients in some whitening kits – especially the ones that are meant to dry on the teeth. They can dry out the mouth and saliva, which is a problem for your teeth. Try to avoid products with too much alcohol.

Carbamide peroxide is the active ingredient used in most whitening solutions. Gel bleaching products will have this kind of peroxide in them.

Citric acid is what is found in orange and lemon peels. They’re known to whiten teeth, so it’s no surprise they’re found in whitening kits.

Safe Use for the Strips

Whitening strips are safe to use for most people. There are times, however, when they aren’t as safe. It will depend on each person and the health of their teeth. You might need to talk to your dentist before using white strips to ensure they’ll work on your problem.

Some dark spots or yellow teeth are the results of issues that need a dentist’s care. It won’t matter if you use whitening strips since there’s an underlying problem.

Always follow the directions on the strips. You should never use more than directed. It’s important that you don’t get impatient and use more strips than advised. It can be harmful to your teeth.

When you don’t follow the direction, you could end up with teeth that are stripped of enamel. The gums can become irritated and teeth can become extremely sensitive.

Use the strips are directed by the packaging or your dentist if you’ve consulted him or her first. Be careful not to swallow too much of the gel from the strips since it can cause an upset stomach.

Professional’s View of Whitening Strips

Whitening strips are an inexpensive way to get whiter teeth. While you should consult your dentist before using strips, you don’t need to worry about your dentist’s approval or appointment availability when you want to start whitening.

It’s a safe and effective way to whiten teeth that don’t have any side effects if you follow the directions. You should be performing good oral hygiene before attempting to whiten your teeth. Brown stains can be the result of having too much coffee, tea, or tobacco coming in contact with your teeth. It might also be the result of serious health issues or the beginning of tooth decay.

It’s important that you don’t try to whiten teeth without being careful about brushing your teeth and flossing routinely. It’s not recommended for people who don’t take care of their teeth and gums. Those who have cavities or untreated gum issues shouldn’t be using a whitening strip. They should be visiting a dentist first.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can tooth whitening result in sensitive teeth after using a kit?
There’s always a chance that your teeth might be sensitive after whitening. The reason is that the whitener penetrates the enamel down to the dentin. The dentin can contract and nerves can be compacted by the process. If you end up with tooth sensitivity after whitening, it will disappear after a few days when the swelling goes down.

Why do whitening strips use hydrogen peroxide for whitening?
The hydrogen peroxide using in whitening kits isn’t the same as the peroxide you’ll see in brown bottles in your medicine cabinet. The concentrations are higher in the strips and whitening kits while also being less dangerous. You don’t want to absorb much of the peroxide into the skin of your mouth. It can cause problems over time. That isn’t a concern for the peroxide in whitening strips. It’s much safer.

Will whitening strips work with braces?
Whitening strips can be used with braces. The gel can get between the edges of the wires and brackets to the tooth itself. It’ll whiten your teeth, so you don’t have to wait for the braces to be removed to get whiter teeth. It won’t leave a trace of the wires or brackets when they’re taken off, either.

Can plaque be removed with whitening strips?
You should always brush your teeth and remove plaque before using a whitening kit. Whitening kits are not meant to brush or floss the teeth. They won’t break up plaque for healthier smiles and gums. That can only be done with flossing and brushing.

Is there an age restriction for whitening kits?
People who use whitening strips for their teeth should be 18 years old. Dentists won’t bleach the teeth of adolescents who come in for treatment. There’s no law that regulates the use of whitening strips for at-home use. It can cause serious damage to the enamel and gums of users who are under the age of 18.

How often can the strips be used?
Strips should be used as directed on the packaging. They are used in a variety of ways. Some kits require the person to wear the strips for two hours once per day. Other kits require the strips be used twice a day for less time. Usually, the strips are used every day for 14 days.

Can a person drink, eat, or talk while wearing the whitening strips?
Drinking water can have an impact on the efficiency of the whitening strips. The water can wash away the gel quite easily, which will result in the gel not adhering to the teeth for the right amount of time. It can also give you a stomach ache to swallow the gel. It’s fine to talk with the white strips in your mouth.

Should you talk to a dentist before whitening at home?
You should always ensure there are no underlying issues that have caused the teeth to yellow. Brown or yellow teeth can be the result of other issues like cavities or gingivitis. You’d be masking problems instead of getting treatment.

Do over-the-counter teeth whitening strips give the same result as whitening at the dentist?
The whitening strips you get at the store are great for whitening at home. They’re less expensive and less trouble. They won’t give you the same results as ones the dentists use, though. Dentists use a stronger solution for whitening. They might use gel along with lasers or lights to whiten teeth.

Final Thoughts

The best teeth whitening strips are ones that will adhere to your teeth quite easily. They should allow you to talk, eat, or drink without slipping. They can’t work if they don’t stay in place. The strips should be flexible and able to be molded into the spaces between teeth, too. The whitening kit you choose should be made with ingredients that work quickly. The strips should help repel new stains for months beyond.

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