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Best Water Flosser Reviews : Top 10 Picks With Buying Guide

The best water flosser can give you a healthier mouth and help your children develop good habits as they grow. A lecture by your dentist could have you searching for a water flosser. It’s a habit that they encourage. Water flossing is easier than manual flossing, and people are more apt to stick with water flossing.

It’s been proven to remove plaque from your gums, the surface of your teeth, and between them. You don’t have to be able to manipulate string to be able to use it, either. That’s what you have to do with manual, string floss. It’s the biggest reason most people stop trying to floss. Yet, it’s incredibly important for your oral hygiene. With a water flosser, you could be visiting the dentist less and improving your gum health and reducing cavities.

These are some of the best water flossers out there on the market. They have great features and benefits that make them worth considering in your search for the perfect water flosser.

Water Flosser Comparison Table

ProductsCapacityPressure &ModesCounter/
Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius90 sec10 (P) & 2 (M)Counter unit Check price
Waterpik Complete Care WP-90090 sec10 (P)Combo flosser Check price
Waterpik WP-56045 sec3 (P)Cordless Check price
H2ofloss Water Dental Flosser150 sec5 (P)Counter Check price
Waterpik WF-03 Flosser30 sec2 (P)Cordless Check price
Waterpik Cordless WP-360W30 sec2 (P)Cordless Check price
MOSPRO Water Flosser30+ sec3 (M)Cordless Check price
PECHAM Water Dental Flosser90 sec10 (P)Counter Check price
Greenvida Dental Water Flosser30 sec3 (M)Cordless Check price
Waterpik Kids WP-26060 sec3 (P)Counter Check price

Top 10 water flosser reviews

Here I have reviewed some top-of-the-line water flossers as per their features and whether they live up to their user’s expectations or not.

I would like you to take some time on each product and know for yourself what most people are looking to buy and why.

Waterpik Aquarius WP-660 Water Flosser

Key Features

10 Pressure Settings – This water flosser has 10 pressure settings. You can start slow if you’ve never used a water flosser before. There’s no reason that you need to start at the highest setting. Once you’ve become experienced with the amount of pressure available, you can slowly increase it.

90-Second Reservoir – The large reservoir will hold 90 seconds of water. That means you can use the flosser for 90 seconds before the water will run out. That’s the perfect amount of time for flossing. It’s approximately what dentists recommend as a good amount of time.

Waterpik WP-660

7 Waterpik Tips – There are 7 tips included with this flosser. There are three classic jet tips for general flossing and cleaning. There’s a toothbrush tip for brushing and flossing at the same time. There’s a plaque seeker tip to focus on bacteria. It’s great for bridges and implants. The orthodontic tip is specially designed for people with braces. The pik pocket tip rinses deep below the gum line.

2 Flossing Modes – There’s a standard flossing mode for removing plaque and cleaning teeth. There’s also a massage mode that works on the gums to bring them back to health. The hydro-pulse massage mode improves circulation to the gums and stimulates healthy growth.

Easy Access Control – There are controls on the side of the unit, but there are easy access controls on the handle itself. You don’t want to be fumbling around with the shut off while the wand is blasting water into your mouth. The easy on and off button is incredibly convenient.

My Impression

The Aquarius comes with all the bells and whistles you could want in a water flosser. There’s a large reservoir for over 90 seconds of cleaning. It has two pulses for regular cleaning as well as gum massage. That’s a great feature for anyone who has the beginnings of gingivitis or other gum diseases.

There’s a timer and pacer to ensure that you’re spending enough time in each section of your mouth. It’s important to make sure that you’re devoting time to each area. Thorough water flossing is the key to improved dental health.

This is a great water flosser to remove more plaque. If you’ve been told to start water flossing, this model is a good choice. It’s from a company that’s been around for a while. In fact, it was one of the first companies to receive the Seal of Acceptance from the ADA. Read more here.

What Could be Better?

Some customers have complained about the loudness of the water flosser.

Waterpik Complete Care and Sonic Toothbrush

Key Features

High-Volume Reservoir – The reservoir is a full 90-second capacity. That means it’s good for 90 seconds of cleaning before you’ll need to add more water. For the most part, 90 seconds is more than enough time for full cleaning.

Combo Unit – The unit has a combination of a water flosser and a sonic toothbrush. Each part of the unit is a full, complete part of an overall brushing routine. The reservoir is full sized, and the toothbrush has sonic technology. Neither part of the unit lacks for features.

Waterpik WP-900

Rechargeable Toothbrush with 2 Speeds – The Sensonic Professional Plus toothbrush has an ergonomic design. It has a 2-minute timer with a 30-second pacer for a complete clean.

Space-Saving Design – With two units in one, it frees up counter space. It would be taken up with a sonic toothbrush and a water flosser. Instead, it’s all in one unit. That means one plug, too. Everyone can use the same flosser and toothbrush with detachable heads and tips, too.

Timer/Pacer – The timer will count off a full 2 minutes of sonic brushing. The pacer will alert you to when it’s time to change the area of your mouth. Each area should have a full 30 seconds of attention to be sure it’s cleaned properly.

My Impression

This unit comes with 10 pressure settings and 5 tips for the water flosser. You’ll be getting a full clean as recommended by your dentist. Water flossing is much easier to do than manual flossing, and you’ll be removing more plaque. Plaque removal leaves your teeth and gums healthier. It’s more effective to use a water flosser than traditional string floss.

Along with water flossing, you’ll be getting a sonic toothbrush with this unit. This combination of toothbrush and flosser will provide more cleaning. It’ll help remove more plaque than brushing or flossing alone, too.

The flosser comes with a variety of tips, so you can find the perfect one for each member of your family. There are 2 classic jet tips, a plaque seeker, an orthodontic, and a pik pocket tip. There’s also a standard brush head and a compact brush head.

The combination of toothbrush and flosser means that you’ll have more room on your shelf. It also comes with a carrying case for the toothbrush in case you want to take it with you.

What Could be Better?

The toothbrush can’t be stored on the charger.

Waterpik WP-560 Cordless Water Flosser

Key Features

Magnetic Rapid Charge – The magnetic charger attaches to the unit and charges within 4 hours. It’s globally compatible with voltages across the world, too. This makes it an incredibly portable flosser that you can take with you anywhere.

Electronic Pressure Control – On the handle of the unit is a pressure control. It allows you to pick a pressure from low to high that works for your oral hygiene needs. A travel flosser doesn’t always have enough options for pressure control, but this one does.

Waterpik WP-560

360 Degree Tip Rotation – When you are able to rotate the tip of the flosser, you can get to all areas of the mouth. That includes the back of the mouth and the backside of your teeth. It gives you high mobility for a better clean.

4 Tips Included – The flosser comes with 4 tips for all kinds of oral care needs. There are 2 classic jet tips, an orthodontic tip, and a plaque seeker tip. The tips come with a storage case, too.

45 Seconds of Water Capacity – For a handheld unit, this has a pretty big tank for water. The reservoir can be filled for 45 seconds of cleaning. It’s simple to add more water and complete a full 90 seconds of cleaning.

My Impression

The portable flosser can be taken with you when you’re traveling anywhere in the world. That’s my favorite part of this portable flosser. It comes with a microfiber travel bag as well as a travel plug.

It has a pretty large reservoir tank for a portable unit. The tank can be refilled easily, too. In fact, the unit is waterproof, so you could combine activities like taking a shower and flossing your teeth. Fill the reservoir tank with warm water and refill it when you’re finished. All this can be done while you’re standing in the shower.

The biggest plus with this flosser is the fact that it’s super quiet. Many flossers have quite a bit of noise because the motor is forcing water through the cord to the wand. The portable unit doesn’t need to push the water as far, so it’s a quieter design.

This flosser is incredibly easy to use when you’re traveling. It’s ADA accepted, which is a huge plus. It’s like a huge stamp of approval on the flosser from dentists who know what you should be using in your mouth.

What Could be Better?

Charger has to be removed once it’s fully charged or it’ll ruin the battery.

H2ofloss Water Dental Flosser

Key Features

Handle Water Control – There’s a ton of control in the handle of the wand. The five pressure settings are easily accessible. On the handle, there’s a release to allow the tip to rotate, too. You don’t have to fumble around for the settings on the unit itself. There’s also a Pause setting in the handle for when you need to take a quick break.

5 Pressure Settings – The pressure settings go from low to high with a graduated difference in between each extreme. You’ll be able to slide the control the exactly the pressure you need for your flossing. As a beginner, you might want to start low. It’s a good setting for kids, too.

H2ofloss Water Dental Flosser

Huge Reservoir – This is one of the biggest reservoirs of all the flossers being reviewed. You’ll never have to wait and refill the reservoir to add time to your flossing. There’s over 150 seconds of water capacity.

12 Multifunctional Tips – There’s a tip for every person in the family. There are 4 jet tips with colored ends, so everyone can have their own color. There are 2 periodontal tips, 2 orthodontic tips, and 2 tongue cleaning tips. This has a unique set of tips for nasal cleaning, too. There are two tips for the nose.

Tip Storage – All those tips need to be stored somewhere. There’s a separate section of the tank that is used for storage. You’ll have instant access to all the tips you’ll need for your gums, plaque removal, or tongue cleaning.

My Impression

As I mentioned before, this is one of the biggest reservoir tanks on this list. You’ll be able to fill this tank with water or mouthwash and water for over 2 minutes of cleaning. That’s perfect if you have dental issues that need attention. You won’t miss any part of your mouth, and you don’t even need to worry about a timer or a pacer.

Those with implants or braces will love that there’s a tip specific to your special needs. There are also tips for cleaning the tongue where bacteria can really be a problem. That’s important for those who are trying to get a cleaner mouth overall. There are two nasal tips, too. That’s a unique feature for a flossing unit.

This oral irrigator has been approved by the FDA. Some other companies seem to dominate the market in terms of oral irrigation. This flosser will give them a run for their money. It has a larger water capacity than others and whisper quiet operation. The nasal irrigation is a nice addition to the unit, too.

What Could be Better?

The slider on the handle can be a bit in the way at times.

Waterpik Cordless Freedom WF-03

Key Features

Water Plug for Travel – This portable design is perfect for travel. It’s also great if you have a small bathroom where space is at a premium. The plug will keep any water from leaking into your bag while you’re traveling. It’s essential when you’re packing many things in your luggage that you don’t want to get damp.

Tips Included – Some travel flossers don’t come with any tips at all. This one has 3 tips included. There are two classic jet tips and an orthodontic tip. Whether you need them for general cleansing or specific instances, there’s a tip for your needs. People with braces can take this flosser and the tips to school or work for a clean mouth away from home.

Waterpik WF-03

No Charging Needed – You don’t have to worry about traveling and charging your flosser. That can be a problem in other countries where there’s a voltage issue. This flosser is powered from batteries. If you use this flosser every day, you’ll likely need to replace the batteries every 2 months.

Waterproof – The travel flosser is waterproof, so you can take it into the shower with you. At home or on the road, the ability to take this into the shower will speed up your morning routine.

2 Pressure Modes – The settings allow you to personalize your settings to suit your needs. There’s a low pressure setting for those who have sensitive gums. The high setting is meant for deep cleaning. You can easily shift between the settings in the middle of your cleaning, too.

My Impression

This is a great portable flosser that you can take with you on the road. It doesn’t require a charger, and you don’t have to worry about the voltage in the country you’re visiting. The plug will ensure that no water leaks in your luggage. It’s made for travel.

It’s easy to take this with you on overnight trips to a friend’s house. It can be taken to work and school, too. When your oral health is important to you, a water flosser that travels is an essential tool. This kind of flosser is often recommended to teenagers with braces. It’s hard to clean your teeth with string floss when there are brackets and wires in the way. This kind of flosser is vital to keeping your teeth clean.

The ability to change the intensity from low to high while flossing is crucial. You can start slow and ramp up the pressure as you get used to the volume of water pumping between your teeth. This portable unit is quiet and won’t be an embarrassment when you’re carrying it in your bag or luggage. It won’t take up very much space at all.

What Could be Better?

One fill up of the reservoir isn’t enough for a full clean. It has to be refilled.

Waterpik Cordless WP-360W Dental Water Jet

Key Features

Rotating Tip – The tip of the flosser can be rotated 360 degrees. This feature allows you to get the backs of your teeth without twisting the unit. It helps you to reach the molars at the back of your mouth, too.

Pressure Settings – There are two pressure settings for this flosser. The pressure ranges from 45 to 75 psi. You can adjust the pressure from the handle while you’re flossing. This allows you greater control of the amount of pressure for each area of your mouth. It’s a good feature if you have any sore spots.

Dental Water Jet

Portable for Travel – This flosser is compact and portable for travel in your bag. You can go anywhere with this flosser. It’s great for people with braces who want to keep food from being stuck in the brackets or between teeth. Kids can easily bring it to school without being embarrassed by a huge flosser.

30-Second Reservoir – The reservoir is big enough to give you 30 seconds of flossing. After lunch, that’s a quick rinse of your teeth while you’re at work or school. In the morning and at night, you can easily add more water for a longer flossing session.

Rechargeable Battery – The battery can be recharged using a home outlet. It’s for use in North America only. That’s important because you could void the warranty if you plan on traveling outside the US or Canada with this. It’s a NiMH battery, which should hold a charge for quite a long time.

My Impression

There’s a lot to appreciate with this travel flosser. I’d recommend this for a teenager who has just gotten braces. It’s good for adults with braces or other orthodontic work, too. It’ll fit discreetly in your bag to travel to work or school. Your child can bring this to a friend’s house for sleepovers. He or she will never have to worry about missing out on their oral hygiene.

The tip rotates to get behind and between teeth. It can be hard to manipulate the tip into areas without the ability to rotate. The teeth at the back of the mouth are especially vulnerable to plaque build-up because they’re hard to reach. This rotating tip will easily blast those teeth from all angles.

If you have a bad dental visit where you were chastised for your oral hygiene, this kind of flosser could change your life. It’ll reduce the need for dental work and reduce gingivitis and other gum diseases. It gets food and plaque from between teeth as well as deep below the gum line where other flossing can’t begin to reach.

What Could be Better?

It’s unfortunate that this can’t be used out of the country.

MOSPRO Water Flosser Cordless

Key Features

Detachable Reservoir – Most cordless flossers have a small opening for adding water. This reservoir completely detaches for easier filling. It also makes it simple to clean it thoroughly. There will never be a worry about limescale build-up or mold in the tank.

Long Battery Life – Once this battery is charged, it can last for a very long time. It’s a lithium battery that’s quite powerful. After it’s charged, you’ll be able to use the flosser for 7 to 10 days without having to recharge it.

Water Flosser Cordless

3 Modes – While some of the other portable flossers have 2 settings, this one has 3 modes. There is a normal mode for normal cleansing. There’s a gentle mode for anyone who needs a softer touch. The third mode is a pulse mode that will massage your gums.

USB Chargeable – This is truly a travel flosser. It doesn’t rely on charging through a wall outlet. That can be a problem in other countries that don’t have the same voltage in their wall outlets. This is charged with a USB, so any computer or smartphone turns into a flosser charger instantly.

Waterproof – The portable flosser is designed to keep water inside, so it doesn’t escape from the reservoir. It won’t allow water inside the unit, either. You can take this into the shower with you. It’ll speed up your morning routine when you combine two activities.

My Impression

There are a few standout features with this flosser. First, the fact that the entire tank can be removed for filling and cleaning is impressive. You’ll never wonder how to keep the tank clean. That can be a problem with other flossers that don’t have a detachable reservoir.

It’s also great that you can charge this with a USB charger, and it’ll hold that charge for over a week. I’d recommend purchasing a USB bank for charging all your devices. This flosser can be added to the rotation, too. Even if you were to take a 2-week vacation in another country, you wouldn’t have to worry about charging this flosser. It’ll last for almost your entire trip. Then you can charge it without worry about the hotel’s voltage.

Lastly, the rotating nozzle ensures that all your teeth get the proper amount of attention. Even those at the back of your mouth can get a blast of water from this nozzle that rotates 360 degrees. It locks into place, so you can get the right angle for your back molars easily.

What Could be Better?

The handle’s on/off button can be accidentally switched when flossing.

PECHAM Water Dental Flosser

Key Features

Large Reservoir – The reservoir can be filled with 600 ml of water, mouthwash, or a combination of the two. It’ll give you 90 seconds of powerful water flossing to remove food and plaque. Dentist’s recommend approximately a minute of flossing each day to ward off gum diseases and tooth problems.

Included Tips – This flosser comes with a variety of tips. There are 3 classic tips that provide deep cleaning. The tips have different colors so the flosser can be shared with others in the family. There’s a periodontal tip, an orthodontic tip, a dental plaque tip, and a tongue cleaning tip.

Water Dental Flosser

Tip Storage – All 7 tips and more can be stored in their own compartment. The compartment has a removable slot made of plastic. It can be removed so more tips can be stored in the space.

Swivel Tips –  Each of the tips included can be swiveled to tackle hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. The molars and other back teeth can be a problem. Especially when you’re trying to get behind them and near the gum line. The tips will swivel 360 degrees.

10 Pressure Settings – There are 10 pressure settings available with this flosser. They recommend levels 1 through 3 for kids, the inexperienced, and people with sensitivities. Levels 4 through 7 for most people who floss. Levels 7 through 10 are considered high pressure for intense cleansing. It’s for experienced flossers.

My Impression

People who floss are trying to avoid dental problems, or they’re trying to fight problems that are bothering them at the moment. Flossing is meant to get your mouth cleaner without hurting your teeth and gums. This flosser has a huge reservoir to provide the right amount of flossing time per use. Dentists recommend a certain amount of flossing 2-3 times a day.

There are tips available for everyone in the family as well as a variety of functions. The periodontal tip can massage your gums to relieve associated diseases like gingivitis. The orthodontic tip is perfect for people wearing braces and those who have had crowns or bridges put into their mouth.

This flosser has varied water settings, and you can easily dial the right setting just by turning the knob. When first starting with a water flosser, you might want to use the lightest setting until you become more accustomed to the pressure. Then you can dial the setting as high as you need based on your comfort level and cleanliness needs.

What Could be Better?

It takes some pressure to connect the tank to the base. It can be hard to get the tank to connect sometimes.

Greenvida Electric Dental Water Flosser

Key Features

3 Cleaning Modes – The modes can be changed as you’re using the flosser. This gives you the ability to keep using the flosser as you test out the mode you want. You can pick Normal for a general cleaning. Soft is a good choice for first-time flossers, and Pulse is good for massaging your gums.

4 Tips Included – The flosser comes with two normal tips that are different colors for sharing your device with someone else. The two orthodontic tips are also colored for sharing your water flosser. This is convenient for couples who don’t want to buy separate flossers.

Dental Water Flosser

Waterproof – This flosser can be taken into the shower. This is a great feature because it cuts down on the time you spend getting ready in the morning. There’s even a snug, waterproof cover for the charging area, too.

Rechargeable – A cordless water flosser has to be rechargeable – or have batteries to be changed – to be effective. This one has a 1500mAh lithium battery that holds a charge for a long time. All you have to do is charge it completely, and you’ll have a device that will last up to 2 weeks.

Swivel Tips – The two classic tips included with this device can swivel. That 360-degree swivel makes it easier to reach the back teeth. Behind the back teeth are the hardest areas to get clean. That’s why this is such a great feature for your water flosser to have.

My Impression

There’s much to recommend with this water flosser. This is a portable, travel tooth flosser that allows you to get a fresh clean mouth wherever you are. It can be taken on vacation, to school, or to work for great oral hygiene throughout your day. This is really important if you have braces or are prone to problems with your gums.

The flosser comes with 4 tips, which is a lot for a portable unit. You can share this with your significant other easily. Although, you could also take this to work with you and leave the extra tips for backups.

When you only floss in the morning and at night, you’re missing hours and hours of food stuck between your teeth. It only takes a few hours for foods to start breaking down. Sugars especially can attack your teeth within a few hours. The portable flosser can be used almost anywhere.

The 360 degree swivel rotation is a great feature since it gives you the ability to get the backs of your molars and the sides closest to your jaw. That’s where many people run into problems like cavities.

What Could be Better?

The reservoir isn’t very large, which is common with cordless flossers, so it has to be refilled to complete the job.

Waterpik WP-260 – Kids

Key Features

Global Voltage – This can be taken with you on vacation, so your child is never without his or her flossing routine. Kids need to stay with a routine for it to become a lifelong habit. You won’t have to be concerned with the voltage in the country you’re visiting when bringing this kids water flosser with you.

3 Pressure Settings – The flossing unit was made specifically for kids ages 6 through 12. It has 3 pressure settings, but they’re all low enough that they won’t hurt kids’ gums or teeth. Kids who have had dental issues will need more than one setting for pressure.

Waterpik WP-260

Inverted Reservoir – When it comes to kids, you have to keep in mind that they are a bit messy. After rinsing out the reservoir, it can be inverted to keep it clean and free of dust or debris. That’s important in a child’s bathroom.

Over 60 Seconds of Cleaning – The reservoir holds over 60 seconds of water for cleaning. When you’re training your child to take better care of their oral health, you want them to get the most benefit from a flosser. Feeling how clean their teeth are will help them continue using it without a fuss.

Fun Cling Labels – Labels are another way to make flossing fun. There are 20 cling labels that can be removed and moved around for personalizing their flosser. Changing the label design could turn into a game and distraction to keep them flossing for the full minute, too.

My Impression

Kids don’t understand the importance of taking care of their teeth and gums. This flosser is made for children between the ages of 6 and 12. That’s the age when they’re starting to get their permanent teeth. If you don’t instill good habits now, they will have a lifetime of bad oral health in front of them.

Like the adult version, this kids water flosser will remove food and plaque from between their teeth. It’s terrific for kids who have begun to wear braces, too. The cleaning gets much easier when they have a water flosser. Instead of trying to clean with a toothbrush, they can get between teeth with the flosser easier.

The unit comes with extra tips for general cleaning as well as ones for orthodontic tips for kids with braces. The three pressure settings ensures that there’s a good setting for your child. It’s a scaled-down version of adult models with fun details and settings for children’s mouths.

What Could be Better?

This unit can be a bit noisy.

What is water flosser?

A water flosser is also known as an oral irrigator. It shoots a stream of water out of the tip to blast away plaque, food, and bacteria. The flosser works on areas between the teeth as well as areas of the tooth near the gum line.

There’s a reservoir to hold water or mouth wash. The size of the reservoir will dictate how long the flossing will last. Some of the best water flossers have a large reservoir for over 60 seconds of flossing.

Water flossers are often recommended by dentists after a disappointing dental visit. If you’re prone to plaque or bacteria, your dentist will recommend better flossing. That can be accomplished with a water flosser. It removes more plaque than traditional brushing and flossing combined.

Dentists recommend that you floss for long enough to get all the plaque and tartar from the gum line and between teeth. Water flossing can reverse the signs of gum disease. If you’ve had bleeding in your gums, you could be in the first stages of gum disease like periodontitis or gingivitis.

Advancements in Flossing – History of Removing Food and Plaque

A water flosser is an advancement in the world of flossing. String floss is a thin nylon that is worked between the teeth. It’s used to remove plaque and food from the areas. It doesn’t get under the gums on the front or back of the teeth, though.

It’s quite hard for most people to use properly, too. The string has to be worked between the teeth in a C-pattern as it’s rubbed back and forth between the teeth. It’s actually hard to work properly, which results in less people flossing.

Dental floss was invented around 1819 by a dentist named Levi Parmly. He would recommend that his patients run a waxen silken thread between the teeth. Although, he was the first to mention floss, it wasn’t available to people until 1882.

The first dental floss was made from silk, but that was found to be less abrasive than was needed to remove food and plaque. Nylon floss was developed during World War II, and it was found that nylon floss could be produced at longer lengths.

Over time, special wands and picks were invented that would make it a bit easier for people to floss. Unfortunately, these wands made certain angles impossible. It was easier for people to use, but they didn’t get a proper clean. The floss holder could come with the floss pre-attached to the wand. There were also threaders that were invented to make flossing easier.

Finally, water flossers were invented. This didn’t happen until the early 1960s after decades of incorrect floss use.

Types of water flosser

  • Countertop

Countertop water flosser

The units that are used on the counter in the bathroom have benefits. They come in a wide range of sizes with features that other types don’t have. The counter unit has a large reservoir for more water capacity. This gives you more flossing time. It’ll have more pressure settings and extra whitening capabilities, too.

  • Cordless

Cordless water flosser

These flossers are compact and portable. They’re more like travel units that you can take with you anywhere. If you have to floss throughout the day, you’ll want a cordless unit. Sometimes, they can be used in the shower, too. The cordless models can be battery operated with replaceable batteries or rechargeable ones.

  • Combination

Combination water flosser

Combination flossers provide complete oral care. They’re equipped with sonic or oscillating electric toothbrushes, flossers, and large reservoirs. With one device, you’ll be able to save on counter space. There’s only one power cord, so you’ll save on outlet usage, too.d.

Things to consider while buying a water flosser

Right Type

First, you’ll need to consider where you’ll be using your flosser. If you need a flosser that can travel easily, you’ll want to choose a cordless model. This is good for teenagers or adults with braces. Those with orthodontic work like bridges might need to keep their teeth free of food throughout the day.

If your family will be using the flosser, you’ll want to purchase a counter unit. It might make sense to have a combo unit with toothbrushes for each family member. Some flossers come with a variety of tips, so each person can have their own.

Easy and Effective

Flossing with a water flosser shouldn’t be difficult. It’s easy to add water to the reservoir and start using the right attachment immediately. If you’ve never used a water flosser previously, you’ll want one that is simple to use.

It should have various pressure settings, so you can start low and work your way up to full pressure. You don’t want to blast your teeth right away. Instead, ease your way into all the features and pressure settings.

Plaque Removal

The biggest benefit of a water flosser is the ability to remove plaque from between teeth and near the gum line. Water flossers remove much of the plaque found in your mouth.

In a study reported in the US National Library of Medicine, two groups were randomly asked to use a water flosser plus manual toothbrush and waxed string floss plus manual toothbrush. After two minutes, the flosser group saw a 74% reduction in all the plaque in their mouth.

Pressure Settings

The water flosser should have various pressure settings for all kinds of oral applications. For example, a person with braces will want to start on the lowest settings. A person who has issues with plaque will want to begin at a higher setting.

Many water flossers have up to 10 settings for water pressure. The setting you choose will depend on the cleaning you need. Water flossers are useful for orthodontics like bridges and crowns. The pressure setting you use is entirely personal, but you want options for high or low pressure.

Gum Health Improvement

Flossing will help improve your gum health. It removes food and debris from between teeth and along the gum line. When you remove more plaque, you’ll end up with healthier teeth and gums. There are some water flossers with an option for gum massage. That helps blood flow to the area, which makes them healthier. It can stop gingivitis and other gum diseases from progressing.

Additional Tips

The water flosser you choose should have additional tips. They may come with the flosser when purchased. It might be something you can purchase later, too. It’ll depend on the kind of flosser you purchase. Keep that in mind when researching your choices. You’ll want to get as many tips as possible if you want to share this flosser with the rest of the family.

Capacity of the Tank

The reservoir capacity will dictate how long you’ll be able to floss. Dentists recommend that you floss for a few minutes twice a day. That will help to remove plaque and bacteria over time. The size of the reservoir averages about 60 to 90 seconds for counter units. It can be slightly less for cordless, portable units.

Accepted by Dental Associations

The American Dental Association has given their seal of approval to a few water flossers. Floss, or interdental cleaners, help to remove debris that collects between teeth. A company that earns the Seal of Acceptance has demonstrated the safety of their product as well as its effectiveness.

Step-by-Step Guide to Water Flosser Use

You’ll want to fill the reservoir with warm water or add mouth wash. In some cases, your dentist might have given you a prescription strength mouthwash to clean. This can be added to the water in the reservoir.

It’s recommended that you don’t use very cold water in the reservoir. It can be a shock to your teeth. After filling the tub, press it firmly onto the base.

Select the tip you want to use with your flosser. If this is the first time you’re using the flosser, set the pressure to high. Blast water into the sink until it flows properly. You might have to refill a bit of water in the reservoir after.

Move the pressure setting to the lowest and press the tip against your teeth. You’ll want to close your mouth as much as possible. This prevents splashing and water flying everywhere. Water should be able to flow from your mouth into the sink. Lean over the sink to ensure that water flows down the drain.

Each section of your mouth needs attention. Aim at the gum line as well as between the teeth for a sparkling clean mouth. If you have a pacer or timer with your new unit, you can easily move from one section to the next.

When you’re finished, turn the unit off with the power button. You can eject the tip, too.

Benefits of a Water Flosser

Reduces Infections – Patients are able to further reduce infections treated in the dental office. After a deep cleaning, dental patients are able to continue with the reduction to infection by using a water flosser. Its pulsating water action can expel much of the bacteria that might be lodged in certain areas of the teeth and gums.

Safe for Implants – Orthodontic appliances can be hard to keep clean. Water flossing can make caring for implants much easier. There are orthodontic tips that can be used for all kinds of dental implants and appliances. The right tip can work better than manual brushing and flossing.

Works with Braces – String floss can get caught on braces or wires. It’s tough to get between teeth and behind the braces and wires with nylon floss. Water flossing blasts plaque and tartar from the hard-to-reach areas around the brackets and wires.

Reduces Inflammation and Bleeding – When water flossing is used on a regular basis, it can reduce inflammation and bleeding. Gingivitis is a common cause of gum bleeding and swelling. Water flossing helps to reduce the impact of gingivitis.

Removes More Plaque – There have been numerous studies, like the one mentioned above, that prove water flossing gives a better clean than string floss. It gets below the surface of your gums to remove plaque at the gum line. It’s great for removing plaque and debris from between teeth, too.

Ease of Use – Water flossers are easier to use than string floss. It requires less manual dexterity for people to use water flossers. With string floss, they have to be able to twist and curve the nylon floss to get the proper clean. That’s not the case with water flossing. All you need is water in the reservoir.

Traditional Flossing and Water Flossing: What are the Major Differences?

Nylon flossing is what’s known as traditional flossing. The person will pull a certain amount of string floss between their fingers. That floss is slipped between the teeth to remove plaque and food. It should be curved around the base of the tooth to remove as much plaque as possible near the gum line.

Water flossing involves a blast of pressurized water from the tip of a wand. The water rinsed between the teeth and at the gum line. It doesn’t require any manual dexterity to hold the wand in place and let the water do its work. It’ll blast the area with pressurized water that cleans thoroughly.

Flossing with string is harder to do than using a water flosser. You’ll have to be able to hold the string at the right angle. The string needs to be manipulated in a certain direction to remove plaque and food.

With water flossing, you don’t have to know how to move the floss in a certain way. The water shoots from the tip of the wand and hits the area where it’s aimed. There’s no special skill involved.

Point of View of a Dental Professional

Many dentists and dental professionals recommend water flossing instead of string flossing. This is especially true when the person has a hard time achieving the right amount of cleaning. Traditional flossing involves nylon floss twisted between two fingers and pulled into the spaces between your teeth.

Water flossing doesn’t require string floss at all. All you have to do is fill the reservoir to blast the spaces between the teeth. It’s easier than traditional flossing, which allows patients to be more successful at it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the water flosser cause loss of tooth enamel?
The pressure of the water won’t cause any kind of damage to your tooth enamel. Even at the highest pressure, it won’t cause tooth enamel damage.

Does water flossing improve gum health?
The biggest impact to your gum health are diseases like gingivitis. It comes from plaque, and the best way to remove plaque is with a water flosser.

Should the water flosser be used before or after brushing?
There’s no right or wrong way to use your water flosser. You can use it before you brush to help loosen plaque. You could also use it after to ensure that your mouth is as clean as possible.

Is a water flosser safe for braces?
A water flosser is safer for braces than string floss. It can be hard to move string floss behind the brace wires. With a water flosser, you can get where the string floss will miss.

Can mouthwash be added to the water flosser?
It’s definitely possible to add mouthwash to the water reservoir for your flosser.

What kind of flosser should I buy for travel; a cordless or corded?
A cordless flosser can be more convenient that a corded model. It’s easier to bring batteries for the cordless model than to worry about whether the corded model will be compatible with outlets.

Does the brand of water flosser matter?
Some of the best water flossers are from companies with names you’ll recognize. They have years of history and innovation behind them. On the other hand, new companies have new features and more reasonable prices.

Is it safe for kids to use?
Water flossers are great for kids. They’re safe to use and teach kids good oral hygiene from an early age.

Since the flossers come with multiple tips, can the entire family use the same flosser?
With separate tips, it makes sense for the entire family to share the same flosser. Just remove the tip when you’re done. Some of them are color coded, too.


The best water flosser will fit your needs and those of your entire family. If you have a child with braces or an adult with orthodontic problems, the flosser should have tips and pressures that will work for each. Some people need one that can travel, which means you’ll need a cordless model. You might want one that fits in your child’s bathroom. It can be hard to choose a water flosser because there are so many great options out there, but we believe that these are the best of the best. They all had the best features like large reservoirs or long battery charges.

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