Oral-B Pro 3000 vs Oral-B Pro 5000

Oral B 3000 vs 5000: Who Wins the Knockout Round?

The decision on whether to purchase an Oral B Pro 3000 vs the Oral B Pro 5000 is a touch one. They have specific areas where each will shine. It will depend on what you need to focus on for your daily oral hygiene concerns. If that’s unclear, your dentist might be able to shed some light on the areas that you need the most work.

If you’re prone to stains or plaque, the choice of brushing unit will be a bit clearer. It’s important that you read the entire review to find out whether the 3000 or the 5000 makes more sense for your life.

Overview of the Oral B Pro 3000

The Pro 3000 offers users tooth whitening from the first day they start brushing with it. It comes with all of the great features of the Oral B brand. That includes a Daily Clean mode, Gum Care, and Sensitive Mode. The 3000 has pressure sensors that will alert you to times you’re brushing too hard.

Overview of the Oral B Pro 5000

The focus of the Pro 5000 is on gum care as well as plaque removal. It has a 3D cleaning action that pulses and rotates to remove more plaque than a standard toothbrush. The modes of this toothbrush include Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening, and Deep Clean.

Oral B 3000 vs 5000: Comparison Table

 Oral B 3000Oral B 5000
Modes of Cleaning3 modes of cleaning:
Gum Care
5 modes of cleaning:
Gum Care
Smartphone TechnologyConnects to an appConnects to an app
Unique Brush HeadsPro White Brush HeadFlossAction Brush Head
Handle OptionsSlim ergonomic handle
Ridges for firmer grip
Thicker handle
Smooth handle
Pressure SensorThere's a pressure sensor in the handleA sensor alerts you if there's too much pressure
Travel AccessoryDoesn't have travel optionsComes with travel accessories
Battery LifeRechargeable – holds a charge for 7 daysRechargeable – holds a charge for 10 days
Price Check price Check price

Design Comparison

The beauty of the 3000 isn’t diminished in the 5000. They both have slim handles that are ergonomic. The handles won’t make your hand cramp as you use them. In both, you’ll have a power button as well as modes of operation that are easy to change as you’re brushing. Both brushes will alert the user when there’s too much pressure during brushing. This is done with a display sensor on the handles.

The handle of the 5000 is slightly thicker than the 3000. That doesn’t have an impact on the functionality of the brush at all in comparison. The 3000 has two color options for the handle. One is blue, and the other is white. The Pro 5000 has the white option only.

Features of the Oral B Pro 3000

oral-b 3000

The Pro 3000 is compatible with a variety of brush heads from the company. It’s meant to focus on whitening, but it is variable depending on your needs.

It has three modes of cleaning. There’s the Daily Clean, Gum Care, and Sensitive as mentioned previously.

The Daily Clean mode is to be used for daily cleaning. In the morning, at night, and after meals are the times you should be cleaning food particles from your teeth.

The Gum Care mode massages the gums to stimulate good blood supply to the area. This keeps the gums healthy and clean.

The Sensitive mode is for people who need a more gentle clean. It won’t irritate your teeth or gums like other toothbrushes.

There’s a timer in the handle that will pulse every half minute to let you know that it’s time to switch brushing areas. Each area of your mouth is divided into 4 quadrants. Dentists recommend that you brush your teeth for 2 full minutes. The pulses will ensure that you’re not missing any areas.

The Pro 3000 connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth technology. You’ll be able to track your oral hygiene to ensure that you’re not forgetting any areas of your mouth. It’ll evaluate and recommend a brushing routine each day, too.

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Features of the Oral B Pro 5000

Oral-B 5000

The focus of the Pro 5000 is gum care. It removes more plaque than manual toothbrushes at the gum line with its 3D cleaning. The cleaning head for the plaque removal oscillates and pulsates to destroy plaque and remove it.

There are 5 modes of cleaning with the Pro 5000. There’s Sensitive, Whitening, Deep Clean, Tongue Clean, and Gum Care.

The Daily Clean is a good mode for your daily brushing in the morning and at night before bed. The Whitening can be used once a day when you want to focus on a certain level of stain removal. The Gum Care and Tongue Clean can be done daily along with the basic mode of cleaning.

There’s a pressure sensor that will alert you to the fact that you might be pressing down too hard while brushing. That’s not necessary to get a deep, fresh mouth every day as if you’ve just left the dentist’s office.

There’s an app that connects to your toothbrush to keep you on task for 2 minutes of brushing. It’ll help you focus by pulsating every 30 seconds. You’ll move the toothbrush to a new quadrant of the mouth after each pulse.

The app will track and store your brushing habits and help you evaluate any problem areas. You can bring this to your dentist, too. She’ll be able to see where you’re having problems and make recommendations.

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Distinct Contrasts Between the Oral B Pro 3000 Versus the Pro 5000

There are some big differences that will impact whether the 3000 or the 5000 is the right toothbrush for you. The 5000 has 5 brush modes while the 3000 only has 3 modes. That’s one of the major differences when comparing the Oral B Pro 3000 vs 5000.

The 5000 has a unique brush head that’s only available with this specific model. It’s a brush head with floss bristles. It’s a part of the brush head made with rubber that allows you to clean between your teeth.

The 3000 has a polishing cup in the middle of the included brush that will help whiten your smile. It’s available with this particular model.

The handle of the toothbrushes are similar but with distinct differences. First, the 3000 has a slimmer profile. The 5000 is a bit thicker, which can be uncomfortable in some hands. In other hands, it’ll be quite substantial.

The 3000 also has ridges for a firmer grip. You don’t have to worry about the handle slipping from wet fingers. It’ll help you find the button for changing the mode of the brush, too.

Disadvantage of the 3000

There are three modes of brushing with the 3000. It is more modes than are available with some toothbrushes – especially in comparison with a manual option. When compared with the Pro 5000, it lacks some of the features. On the other hand, the missing features are whitening and gum care. These are features that might not be needed by some consumers.

Disadvantage of the 5000

The features available with the 5000 come with a price tag that reflects those features. It’s a reasonable price considering what you get for your money. It’s a better deal than you’d get with other electric toothbrushes of the same caliber. It’s more expensive than the Pro 3000, but that’s to be expected since it has more features, too.

The Best Features They Have in Common

  • App Support

The Oral B Pro 3000 and 5000 both have support from an app that will provide important data. It’ll alert users to the allotted 2 minutes of brushing. The timer ensures that you’re hitting every area of your mouth for the recommended time.

The app also records data that can be used to make better decisions regarding your oral hygiene. In fact, the app can record data for you to bring to your dentist. Together, you can go over your brushing technique for flaws.

  • Beneficial Brush Heads

Each model toothbrush comes with the ability to use interchangeable brush heads that perform unique functions. The 3000 includes the round head with polishing cup for whitening. The 5000 comes with a FlossAction brush head for plaque removal. The other brushes can be purchased separately, and will fit on the rechargeable toothbrush handle.

The brush heads also have indicator bristles. They’re blue in color until they’re ready to be replaced. You won’t need to mark your calendar or remember when it’s time to change the brush heads. When they’re ready to be replaced, they’ll change from blue to white.

  • Brushing Modes

Both Oral B Pros have a variety of brushing modes. While some toothbrushes only have one vibration, the Oral B has more than 3 for each of its toothbrushes. If you have a particular focus for brushing, there’s a model that will work perfectly. Your dentist can help you focus on problem areas, too.

  • Experience with Cleaning

With the vibration and oscillation, these toothbrushes will remove more plaque from the teeth and gums than other toothbrushes. When compared to a manual toothbrush, they remove 100% more bacteria. It’ll give you a fresher, cleaner mouth.

  • Pressure Sensors

There is a sensor in the handle along with the timer. The sensor will alert you when you’re pressing down too aggressively on the teeth or gums. You don’t want to brush too hard. It’ll cause receding gums.

Final Thoughts

The choice between Oral B Pro 3000 vs 5000 will come down to personal preference and budget concerns. The 3000 has fewer brushing modes, but a lower price tag. If you want to spend money as an investment in your smile and oral health,the 5000 will be a better choice. It has more options for brush heads and cleaning modes.

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