Oral B 7000 vs 8000

Oral B 7000 vs 8000 – Which One to Choose?

This is often difficult to pick the right electric toothbrush in between the two well-known names in the industry. As Oral B 7000 and Oral B 8000 both are efficient in their respective places, let us know both the models in detail.

Introduction to Oral B 7000

Oral B pro 7000 is one of the best electric toothbrushes that is designed with perfection to fight against the major oral problems. By delivering quick and instant results in removing the plaque, Oral B 7000 stands distinguished between the Oral B 7000 vs 8000 comparison.

This electric toothbrush offers different brushing modes to the users which target the entire oral needs. The users can use different cleaning mode along with the different options of brushing head as per the need and requirement of the hour.

Oral-B 7000

The toothbrush was made for targeting mainly the issue of plaque removal but the designing of the toothbrush is so done that it helps the users in targeting all the problems of the oral health. The users can completely rely on this model as it has been formed for delivering the results as per the requirements of the users.

Out of the many features that this toothbrush has, its high speed is the one that catches the attention. The design has been made so that the toothbrush model operates at a much faster rate and removes the majority amount of plaque from in between the teeth and the gum line.

The fast movement of the brush heads of this model along with the soft bristles satisfies all the oral needs of the users. This electric toothbrush delivers 800 brush movements in a second. The pressure sensor technology, smart guide and well-built material of the toothbrush help in providing this model its unique identification in the market.

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Introduction to Oral B 8000

Coming to the second model between the Oral-B pro 7000 vs 8000 that is the Oral B 8000, it won’t be wrong to say that this model is the complete package delivering all types of oral needs. The electric toothbrush is accompanied by a smart ring that changes color as per the usage of the toothbrush.

Oral-B 8000

For example, if the toothbrush is used too harshly on the teeth, then the smart ring will indicate the user with a red light. This is not it, the toothbrush also has many other advanced features like Bluetooth connectivity, pressure sensor, timer, different cleaning modes, etc.

The model is used and recommended by many of the well-known dentists in the world. This signifies the effectiveness of this toothbrush. There is no such oral problem that cannot be targeted with this toothbrush.

The only concerning factor that is associated with this electric toothbrush is the high price level. Although, the price is justified with the features and efficiency that it delivers but still it falls under higher price range than the other available options. If the complete oral care is your target and if you are an experienced person in using the electric toothbrush then you must choose this particular model of Oral B.

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Oral B 7000 vs 8000 Comparison Table

The comparison table is designed to help the users get the necessary details regarding the different models of the Oral B brand. In the comparison table is a quick glance of the various parameters of both the Oral B models. Have a look:

 Oral B 7000Oral B 8000
Cleaning modes66
Price rangeAverageExpensive
Battery lifeUp to 10 daysUp to 12 days

• Bluetooth
• PressureSensor
• Plaque removal
• Wireless smart guide
• Bluetooth
• Smart ring
• Pressure sensor
• Smart phone holder
• App
• Extended battery life
Action• 3D oscillating rotation
• 8800 pulsation
• 40,000oscillations
• 3D oscillating rotation
• 8800 pulsation
• 40,000 oscillations
TravelLightweight & travel compatible
Lightweight & travel compatible with excellent traveling kit
ColorBlack and whiteBlack
Check Price Check Price

Key differences

Both the models of the Oral B brand stands distinguished at their own place in the discussion of Oral-B pro 7000 vs 8000. As both the models are very similar in terms of features, it further becomes more difficult to make a selection in between the two. However, to help the users, here are some of the points that mark as distinguishing key difference features of these two Oral B models:

1. Position detection

Position detection

While both the Oral B toothbrushes are very much similar in terms of the features offered, there is one major difference in the features of both the models. Unlike Oral B 7000, the model Oral B 8000 comes with a position detection feature. Using this feature, Oral B 8000 can be used efficiently for targeting the right areas in the oral health care.

As recommended by the dentist, the electric toothbrush should be used in the right direction, at the right angle and with the right pressure for getting the expected results. The position detection facility on the Oral B 8000 model makes it a step ahead in between Oral B 8000 vs 7000.

2. Cleaning modes

Both the models of the Oral B brand are rich enough with 6 different cleaning modes. As both the models offer some distinguished cleaning modes, you can choose the one according to your needs and oral condition.

Oral B 7000 offers the following cleaning modes:

Cleaning modes

  • Daily clean
  • Gum care
  • Sensitive
  • Whitening
  • Deep clean
  • Tongue cleaning

Coming to the second model of the comparison, the Oral B 8000 has the following cleaning modes to offer:

  • Daily clean
  • Gum care
  • Sensitive
  • Whitening
  • Pro-clean
  • Tongue cleaning

3. Smart wireless guide

Smart wireless guide

The Oral B 7000 model comes with an additional wireless guide for the users. However, the same is missing in the Oral B 8000 model. The major reason behind the removal of the wireless guide from the new model of Oral B is that the 8000 model is well-integrated with the user guide in the desired app of the toothbrush.

In the model Oral B 8000, the users can easily access the required information from the interactive designed app. Along with accessing the information; the users can also manage their brushing records and information in the app for future use and improvements.

4. Smartphone holder

Orla-B Smartphone holder

As the Oral B 8000 model is more connected with the latest technology like Bluetooth and app, this model comes with a smartphone holder. The smartphone is generally used by the users for finding the relevant usage information along with data for improvement. The availability of a smartphone holder eliminates the need for the users to find any additional accessory for holding the smartphone.

On the other hand, Oral B 7000 lacks this additional benefit. There is no smartphone holder in the Oral B 7000 toothbrush. Thus, with Oral B 8000 gets an upper hand over the 7000 model with its smartphone holder.

5. Battery life

Along with all the features, the Oral B 8000 shines brilliantly even on the extended battery life with usage. Both the electric toothbrushes must be charged completely before beginning to use them for ensuring that the toothbrushes gain the desired power and battery to perform their operations.

  • Once charged, the battery life of Oral B 7000 lasts only for 10 days.
  • On the other hand, when the Oral B 8000 model is fully charged, its battery lasts for 12 days.

Thus, in the comparison between Oral B 8000 vs 7000, the model 8000 marks its excellence once again over the 7000 model of Oral B.

6. Focus area

Both the electric toothbrushes are designed with an emphasis on the entire oral health care needs but somehow both the models differentiate their area of work. While the Oral B 7000 is designed to remove the majority of plaque amount in between the teeth and gum line.

On the other hand, the Oral B 8000 model is designed to focus more on delivering the whitened and thoroughly cleaned teeth and gum line.

As the 8000 model of Oral B ensures and targets the whitening of the teeth and cleaning them, it somehow indirectly targets the removal of plaque in between the teeth and gum line.

7. Price

Along with many other considerable features of both the electric toothbrush, the price is also one of the essential factors that should be considered. Talking about the price of the Oral B 7000, it falls under the category of the average price range. Thus, it can be afforded by many of the users. However, the price is still high for many of the other people like the beginners.

Considering the price of Oral B 8000, it is one of the most expensive electric toothbrushes that are available in the market. It is because of the high price of the toothbrush that it is not easily purchased by the users unless totally aware of its usage.

Which One to Choose? 

Considering all the leading points and comparison in between the Oral B 7000 vs 8000, the model 8000 stands way apart, than the other model. The model is designed well with the non-slippery material which ensures smooth holding and gripping of the handle. Talking about the bristle quality, these are extremely soft and do not harm the sensitivity of the teeth. Other than this, the brush head of the 8000 model is made for average size which makes this model convenient enough to be used for smaller mouth people as well.

With the minute difference in the design of the toothbrushes, the Oral B 8000 electric toothbrush delivers a comfortable grip and handling in the hand. This is generally the reason why most of the users prefer buying the 8000 model over the 7000 model. Being almost similar in the offered features, the users find many extra benefits in the Oral B 8000 model and thus prefer buying that model over the Oral B 7000 model.

Thus, if you too are looking for a complete package that can target all the necessary and even minute details and needs of the oral health, then Oral B 8000 is the right choice for you. No doubt, the toothbrush is higher with the price parameter, but if you consider the features it offers to the users, the price charged by this particular model is completely justified. Thus, you must not look at the higher price of the model but must concentrate on the distinguished and diversifying features that Oral B 8000 provides to the users. Don’t wait any longer and make Oral B 8000 as your oral health care companion.


Concluding the article, the prime focus while choosing the right electric toothbrush should be focusing on the needs and requirements of the users. There may be many models of the electric toothbrushes that will provide many diversifying features to the users but the users should keep in mind that their oral needs should be their first priority.

With clear evidence, the Oral B 8000 stands apart from the other model Oral B 7000 in all respects. However, if you are not convinced to spend such high amount on buying the electric toothbrushes then there are certainly other models of Oral B that can make the right choice. Evaluate and consider all the essential and necessary features and elements before making any of the final decision regarding buying the electric toothbrush.

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