Oral B Pro 5000 vs 7000

Oral B Pro 5000 vs 7000: Which One to Choose?

Oral B is one of the known names in the industry which has been producing world-class toothbrushes for its customers. Over the years, the brand has delivered a wide range of toothbrushes that has helped the customers to get the right dental care.

The main focus of the company’s product is to provide its customers with the convenience and ease of brushing and yet getting the desired result.

The latest introduction to the brand is two of its kind electric toothbrushes that can provide with all the necessary and required information about the brushing experience. The two toothbrushes which are considered to revolutionize the brushing experience of the customers are:

  • Oral B Pro 5000
  • Oral B Pro 7000

Let us take a deep look about the offered features and descriptions that the toothbrushes can offer to their customers. To have a clear understanding about which of the two will be the best to choose following the necessary reasons, here’s a detailed comparison Oral B Pro 5000 vs 7000.

What Can You Expect from Oral B Pro 5000?

Oral B pro 5000

The Oral B pro 5000 toothbrush  has been designed for providing the customers with a real-time feedback about their brushing habits with the help of the Bluetooth enabled communication between the smartphone and the brush.

The customers can improve their brushing habits and can focus on their sensitive areas based on the instant feedback that they receive. This helps in improving the overall experience of brushing along with providing all the dental benefits.

The round brush head and the micropulse bristles rotate gently inside the mouth and thus remove the maximum amount of plaque.

The toothbrush is available in the white color along with the general travel kit and accessories for adding in the convenience of traveling.

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What Makes Oral B Pro 7000 a Better Choice?

Oral b pro 7000

Oral B pro 7000 is a complete package which has something to offer for all kinds of customer’s needs. Without a doubt, the product comes with a price but the additional features that it offers make it worth the investment.

The model has been so designed that it has a better battery life that makes this a better choice for traveling needs as well along with the regular homely use.

The wireless smart guide, advanced pressure sensor and the mode of tongue cleaning empower the model to be one of the preferred choices of the people.

The users can get two different color options for this model and can choose from white and a combination of silver and black.

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Oral B Pro 5000 vs 7000 Comparison Table

Here’s the tabular comparison of the two models for a quick analysis of the various details:

 Oral B Pro 5000Oral B Pro 7000
Features• Timer alerts
• Pressure sensor
• 3D cleaning
• Plaque removal
• Rechargeable battery
• Precision cleaning
• Timer alerts
• Real time guidance
• Alerts to switching to new area
• Pressure sensor
• Rechargeable battery
• 3D cleaning
• Plaque removal
• Precision cleaning
Connectivity• Bluetooth
• App Connection
• Real time feedback
• Bluetooth
• App connection
• Real time feedback
Inside the box• Smart series handles
• Brush head
• Charger
• Storage
• Smart series handle
• 3 varieties brush head
• Premium charger
• Premium storage
Brushing mode• Daily clean
• Gum care
• Sensitive
• Whitening deep clean
Tongue cleaning mode along with the 5 general brushing modes.
Toothbrush colorsWhiteWhite & silver/black
Travel AccessoryGeneral travel accessoryPremium travel accessory
Brush headsFloss Action• Cross Action
• Sensitive Clean
• Pro White
Wireless smart guideNot includedIncluded
Price Check Price Check Price

The Key Difference in Between the two Toothbrush Models

Without a doubt, both the models of the toothbrush are specific and particular for providing the customers with the required oral and dental care. Both the models are so perfect and close that it is very difficult to pinpoint any difference in their performance and working. But there do exist some of the significant difference in between them.

Let us have a look at the key difference between them by comparing Oral B Pro 5000 vs 7000.

  • Brushing mode

Brushing mode

The Oral B pro 5000 offers 5 brushing modes to its users. Some of the brushing modes that one can find in the 5000 model are as follow:

  • Daily clean
  • Gum care
  • Sensitive
  • Whitening
  • Deep clean

On the other, the overall brushing modes are just the same in the Oral B pro 7000, but it offers one more additional brushing mode which is Tongue cleaning, making a total of 6 brushing modes in the model.

  • Toothbrush color

The 5000 model of the Oral B pro has kept the color option to very basic and thus only comes in the white color. While the other model of Oral B pro 7000 is designed with more color options than the 5000 model.

The Oral B pro 7000 is available in two color options which are white or a combination of black and silver.

  • Travel accessory

Travel accessories are very essential when you are in a need to travel with your selected model of toothbrush. The Oral B pro 7000 is one step ahead in providing the needed travel accessories. The model is available with a premium travel case of accessories which are easy and convenient to travel with.

On the other hand, the Oral B pro 5000 is available with a general travel case which contains all the needed accessories for making the travel comfortable.

  • Included types of brush heads

brush heads

The Oral B pro 5000 has been so designed that it comes with just one brush head type and that is Floss Action brush head. On the other side, if you look at the Oral B pro 7000 model, it supports 3 different kinds of brush heads which are as follow:

  • Cross Action brush head
  • Pro White brush head
  • Sensitive Clean brush head

The Oral B pro 7000 thus offers a deeper and cleaner oral health than the Oral B pro 5000.

  • Wireless smart guide

smart guide

If you are using the Bluetooth enabled electric brushes for the very first time, then you would certainly need to have the smart guide for getting the step by step guidance at each step.

While there is no wireless smart guide available with the Oral B pro 5000, thus the beginners may find it difficult to use the brush for the first few times.

The Oral B pro 7000 covers this flaws and offers a wireless smart guide to its users thereby making the entire experience simpler for the beginners as well.

  • Price

As the model Oral B pro 7000 comes with so many additional yet essential features, the only one thing that can concern the buyers is the price of the product. The Oral B pro 5000 falls under an affordable price thus being an easy pick for the users.

On the other side, the Oral B pro 7000 on an average is $30 to $50 more than the Oral B pro 5000.

Oral B Pro 5000vs 7000 – Which One is Worth the Investment?

Both Oral B pro 5000 and Oral B pro 7000 are the toothbrushes that are designed for targeting the present day needs for cleansing and brushing the mouth.

While both the toothbrushes are enabled with the Bluetooth facility for detailing every act of brushing along with the facility of the timer for providing the best cleaning experience, the model Oral B pro 7000 provides some additional features for making the entire experience worth.

Thus, in my opinion, based on the detailed comparison of Oral B Pro 5000 vs 7000, the Oral B pro 7000 product will be the best pick for its remarkable offered features along with the additional features when investing an amount for your oral care.


Oral B is the name that you can easily trust for all your oral care needs and with the introduction of these two new toothbrush models, Oral B has yet again given the confirmation of the fact.

Oral B Pro 5000 vs 7000 is the rightly crafted information that will provide the users with all the necessary details about the two recently available models from the Oral B.

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