Oral-B Toothbrush Battery Replacement

Getting the Oral-B Toothbrush Battery Replacement Process Working Right

Oral-B makes a variety of quality electric toothbrushes with sturdy rechargeable batteries. You can find various models that are made with lithium-ion or nickel-cadmium materials among others. Any battery option you utilize will provide you with a fully rechargeable and easy to use battery body.

But after a while, the battery might die out. A rechargeable battery can only last for a certain number of charges being losing its ability to charge up again. But you don’t have to struggle with a dead battery; you can use an Oral-B toothbrush battery replacement to help you keep your brush working as good as new once again.

Checking the Battery Type

To start, you have to look at the type of battery you need to get. You should look at a few points relating to your battery, including the following features:

  • The size and charge of the battery.
  • The type of battery; this includes lithium-ion, nickel-cadmium, and nickel metal-hydride.
  • The tabs used on a battery; the tabs are responsible for linking the battery up to the small motor inside the brush.
  • The amount of power that your battery comes with; the power supply is measured in milliamp hours or mAh.

You can identify the specific battery you need by looking at the bottom part of your brush. A small identifying number should be included here. Be sure the battery you use matches up with that number; you may also use a similarly-sized model provided the battery is of the same type.

Opening Up the Handle

You need to open the handle to get access to the battery. You might require a prying material to help you with opening the brush. To get the brush open, remove the seal on the bottom part of the brush. You should be able to pull the inside parts out of the brush, although you must be cautious when doing this. Do not pull on anything far too hard, as there might be pieces inside the brush that are affixed to the inside or are connected with one another.

A flat-blade screwdriver is the best tool you can use for prying the brush open. The screwdriver head should be about two to four millimeters wide. You must use this part gently and cautiously so you will not be at risk of tearing anything apart while trying to get the battery opened up accordingly.

Remove the Battery

The old battery must be removed from the inside. Be gentle when accessing the battery so you do not pull on anything and cause undue stress to the battery. You might have to also look at the tabs used to keep the battery in its place; gently remove the tabs from the spots that the battery is affixed to.

Any charging coils, switches, or other items that are in the way of the battery should be removed as well. Take note of how those items are placed so you can put them back after a while.

In many cases, you will need to remove a battery terminal and circuit board. You would have to de-solder the terminal from the circuit board. Prying tools may be required for removing the circuit board. A screwdriver is recommended in such a case. A solder sucker, or a desoldering pump as it is called, may also be utilized. The material will assist you with gently removing any soldered surfaces to allow the connections to be kept protected without risking any materials possibly being too hard to maintain or use.

Adding the New Battery

Check on the new battery you are using. Make sure the battery’s identification number matches up with the old battery you have taken out. This is to ensure that the battery will keep working.

In most cases, you can get the new battery secured by getting the small tabs on the ends affixed to their regular spots. Some older Oral-B models require you to solder in connections for the battery parts.

Reassemble the Setup

After replacing the battery, you can put any items that you removed back into the main brush body. You should reassemble the handle as carefully as possible. Make sure the handle is fully locked back in. You might need to screw the handle back in its place to make it work.

The circuit board should be soldered once again. You can use a silver soldering iron to help you with getting those connections secured again. A small model that uses about 20 watts of energy should be good enough.

A Final Note

You should be careful when getting your battery for your Oral-B electric toothbrush removed. You will find that you can get any kind of battery replaced if you are careful enough and you know how to handle the replacement process. You’ll find it is not hard for you to get the brush ready for your use after you get the battery replaced accordingly.

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