Philips Sonicare 2 Series vs 3 Series

Philips Sonicare 2 Series vs 3 Series: Which One to Choose?

Sonicare is the brand that over the time have evolved as one of the most well-known brand names in the industry of electric toothbrushes. The toothbrushes under the brand are preferred by those who want a powerful yet efficient electric toothbrush.

Over the last few years, the brand has come up with many toothbrushes which have been accepted hand in hand by the users. The users around the world are seen happy with the performance that these toothbrushes are delivering to them.

The two most popular series that the brand has launched in the recent time is Sonicare 2 series and Sonicare 3 series. There’s always been a neck to neck competition between the two series.

Most people are seen comparing the Sonicare 2 series vs 3 series so as to choose the best toothbrush for them. Both the series have many similar features while the both also stand distinguished by many factors. Let us dig in details about these two popular names by knowing more about them.

Why is Sonicare 2 Series the Best?

Philips Sonicare 2 Series

Sonicare 2 series is one of those series which delivers the needed thorough cleaning to the users which they expect from an electric toothbrush. The toothbrush uses the latest technology to be an impressive choice for the users.

However, the series does not make the use of the Bluetooth technology that the present series of toothbrushes are making. This is one constraint that comes in the way of the toothbrush’s sales. The handling and usage of this toothbrush are very effective and convenient due to the use of the latest technology.

Considering the fact that the Sonicare 2 series focus more on the simplicity of the electric toothbrush, it falls in an affordable price range. Thus, most of the people, especially the beginners with the electric brushes prefer using Sonicare 2 series.

The toothbrush is made as attractive as possible and is available in different colors. The designing of the toothbrush is also so made that it does complete justice to the electric brushes. Overall the brush is an excellent choice for people who are looking for an effective yet powerful electric toothbrush.

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What Makes Sonicare 3 Series Different from the Others?

Philips sonicare 3 series

Sonicare 3 series is the other popular name that doing the rounds in the market. Similar to the Sonicare 2 series, the toothbrush in this series also delivers the users with a deep thorough cleaning and a fresh breathe. The toothbrush fails to incorporate the Bluetooth technology in its functioning. Therefore it lacks behind by some of the other available toothbrushes in the market.

Sonicare 3 series comes with many additional features and attractive design and therefore is generally preferred by the users. The presence of many additional features in the toothbrush makes it a little expensive than the other toothbrushes. However, the people who value the features and advantages that this toothbrush provides do not bother to invest the increased price.

Talking about the designing of the product, it has been so made that it appears attractive to the users. Its sleek and elegant design makes it really convenient to use the product and to effectively handle it. Although the toothbrush is available in just 1 color, the added values and features make it as one of the most powerful names in the industry.

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Philips Sonicare 2 Series vs 3 Series  Comparison

Let us have a quick look at the various features of the two toothbrushes under the comparison table of Sonicare 2 series vs 3 series:

 Sonicare2SeriesSonicare 3 Series
Features• Removes 6X more plaque
• 31,000 strokes
• Fluid action to clean gum line & teeth
• Easy start
• Smart timer
• Removes up to 6X more plaque
• 31,000 strokes
• Sonic technology to improve gum health
• 2 color charge indicator
• Smart timer
Head designed for• Plaque control• Gum health
Cleaning modes• 1 mode (daily care)3 intensity levels
• Low
• Medium
• High
Smart timer2 minute timer2 min timer with 30 seconds intervals
Battery life2 weeks
3 weeks
Color options• Sky blue
• Black
• Ultra-coral
• White on Guacamole
• White on ultra-coral
• White on steel blue
• White on steel green
PriceFalls under the affordable price range
Bit expensive due to the additional features and benefits
PriceFalls under the affordable price range
Bit expensive due to the additional features and benefits
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Key Difference Points

Here are the major points of difference between Sonicare 2 series vs 3 series:

  • Brush heads

The Sonicare 2 series is made to deal with the plaque problem and thus has a brush head namely Plaque control brush head.

On the other hand, the Sonicare 3 series is designed to improve gum health and thus offers Pro Results gum health brush head. Both the brush heads work effectively in their respective domain and deliver desired results.

  • Cleaning modes

The Sonicare 2 series offers just one cleaning mode to its users. Therefore, it is selected by the beginners who just started using the electric toothbrushes.

On the other hand, Sonicare 3 series also comes in one cleaning mode but offers 3 different intensities namely low, medium and high intensity. The intensities can be changed according to the need of oral care.

  • Timer 

Just like the other electric toothbrushes, the Sonicare series toothbrushes are also enabled with the timer facility. The Sonicare 2 series has a timer of 2 minutes.

The other model of the Sonicare 3 series offers a timer facility with a 2-minute timer which beeps after 30 seconds interval. The timer facility offered by both the toothbrushes enhances their efficient working and makes them one of the top names in the industry.

  • Battery life

There is no point of using an electric toothbrush if the toothbrush’s battery doesn’t last for the desired time. One needs to check the time for which the battery of the electric toothbrush lasts for being sure for its continuous effective use. Comparing the battery life of the toothbrush, Sonicare 2 series offers a battery life for 2 weeks.

On the other hand, the Sonicare 3 series, the battery life is for 3 weeks. It also has a 2 color battery which helps in letting the users know when it’s the right time to charge the battery.

  • Price

Price is one of the essential features on which most of the users focus before buying the electric toothbrush. Talking about the Sonicare 2 series, the toothbrush is available under the affordable price range and is selected by the beginners.

On the other hand, the Sonicare 3 series is on the higher side of the price due to the additional features and benefits that it offers. Although, the higher price of the Sonicare 3 series is worth the investment as it is one of the best electric toothbrushes in the long run for maintaining the oral hygiene.

Which One to Choose Between the Two?

Out of the two Sonicare 2 series vs Sonicare 3 series, the Sonicare 3 series makes the best choice. The availability of more additional features with more levels of intensity in the cleaning mode, this toothbrush stands clear than the other.

No doubt that the Sonicare 3 series is a bit expensive but if you are habitual using the electric toothbrushes then Sonicare 3 series will be the best choice. The Sonicare 2 series is budget friendly but it lacks on many aspects in the long run.

Thus, if you want a toothbrush that can provide you with the desired results in the long-term battle of oral care, then Sonicare 3 series is the right choice for you.


This was the detailed description of the comparison between Sonicare 2 series vs 3 series. But which toothbrush is the best for you, this entirely depends on your needs and requirements.

Analyze all the features that the toothbrushes can offer you and then compare them with the ones that you need, then make the right choice. Both the toothbrushes are best in their own manner and are so designed to give you the needed oral care and hygiene.

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