10 Foods That Naturally Make Your Teeth White

Gone are the days when people used to visit the dentist only for root caps and dentures. Today dental care and beauty plays an equally important role in enhancing your outer appearance.

Yellow teeth

Have you ever faced an embarrassing situation talking to a person who has discolored or yellow teeth. It’s a very natural reflex to look away and avoid looking at that person. Well, it happens because your teeth are some of the first things that people notice.  A sparkling white smile always comes handy when you are struggling to make that strong first impression.

A lot of people today are seen concealing their teeth in photos or running low on self-esteem because of discolored teeth. Well, its time we solve this problem and bring back your smile. In this article we shall talk about some of the natural fruits that can help you solve this problem.

Natural fruits

With the new technology and updated methods for teeth whitening, there are also some basic ingredients in your kitchen staring at you with the solution. Before I give you the list of those fruits, lets get to understand some basics like what causes discolored teeth and what are the benefits of teeth whitening.  

Some of the main causes are specific eating and drinking habits. People who consume a lot of coffee, colas and tobacco may observe a yellowish tint on the surface of their teeth. Also people tend to lose the brightness of their teeth with passing age.

Moving quickly to the benefits of teeth whitening:

  • Teeth look cleaner and have a white appearance.
  • Improves your self- image and self- confidence.
  • Helps you make a good and effective first impression.
  • Gives you a great looking smile.

Skipping the complex dental procedures, lets try a natural way out. There are a lot of natural fruits that help to naturally whiten the teeth owing to their constituents, the vitamins and the minerals they have that provides a whitening effect.


Teeth whitening


Yes, you guessed it right. The orange and lemon peels contain beneficial acids that help on teeth whitening. As oranges and lemons are naturally acidic, they might cause a damage to the enamel. A quick tip is to always rinse your mouth after its use.


While strawberries can stain your clothes, it has the opposite action on your teeth. They are helpful for removing stains off your teeth. They contain an enzyme called malic acid which helps in teeth whitening. Make a paste and rub it over your teeth for 5 minutes to see the effect.


Fruits like apple, and vegetables like carrots act like natural stain removers. Their mode of action is  by increasing the saliva production in the mouth. This can help you get rid of bad breath and the enzymes in the saliva also act as self cleaners.


Pineapple apart from its sweet tingling sensation, contains an enzyme named bromelain. This plays a very important role as it is anti-inflammatory and a cleansing agent. Bromelain is used as an active ingredient in many whitening products in the market. So why not hop on that pineapple salad and get the natural bromelain flowing in.


This is one ingredient that can help you ward off the yellow shade off your teeth. Not advisable to ingest, this one has to be applied externally. Try brushing your teeth with baking soda. It acts as a natural bleaching agent. Baking soda contains a salt that scrubs off the plaque and stains from the tooth surface.


The skin of this fruit helps to neutralize the acid in your mouth which causes decay. This protects the tooth enamel from forming a film over it and prevents discoloration of teeth.


Dairy products like milk, cheese and yoghurt which are very healthy for the body, now help to maintain dental health and hygiene too. These products contain lactic acid and mineral like calcium which fortifies the enamel, whitens the teeth and strengthens the teeth.


The most commonly used ingredient used in healthy salad making now can help you whiten your teeth too. It is very rich in fiber and also helps to lower down the inflammation in your mouth. Consuming raw broccoli can help you polish the outer teeth surface. The iron content in the broccoli can protect the tooth enamel from acid producing bacteria.


Sunflower seeds, walnuts and cashews have an abrasive structure that helps to exfoliate the outer surface of the teeth. This in turn helps in stain removing.


some think that as they are very chewy and stick to the teeth, they aren’t really good. But the truth is they are very protective. They clean the mouth very fast as they tend to produce a lot of saliva when consumed. They also have the ability to neutralize the acid produced by other bacteria, thus preventing plaques, stains and cavities.

Before & After effect of teeth

With the end of this long list, there are other additional food items like onions and garlic, some mushrooms, salmon, basil and so on. These foods prevent tooth decay by fighting against the bacteria, or they help in the absorption of calcium from the ingested food. This helps to strengthen the teeth. While some would help to curb bad breath and eventually help you to maintain a very good and healthy dental regime.

I am sure by now you will be able to identify what fruits and vegetables to include in your salad plate that can help you maintain your lean body and at the same time provide you with natural remedies for your dental problems. As they rightly say, why poke a needle in your body when your own kitchen can give you the best desired result. The key is to choose your food wisely.

Go natural and don’t shy away to give that wide open bright smile.

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