About us

Oral Care Home began its journey back in 2017 in the shape of a local dentistry consultation business that carried a mission to provide oral health suggestions to a wide number of people at the most affordable cost.

Since dental health is one of the many vital factors that isn’t stressed about enough, and even when it is, the consultation itself becomes so aggressively costly that a large portion of people choose to avoid it, Dr. Grimmer & Dr. Mulac aims at closing the discrepancy in treatment.

After the massive & positive response the two doctors, who are friends in personal life, received from their patients, they felt the obligation to grant access to affordable dental suggestions for everyone who can’t manage it.

Whether the patient is in the nearby area or someone sitting in an idle country, they would receive undiscriminating and equal treatment by these professional, expert and kind-hearted doctors only in the hopes of ensuring a better dental health for all.

What’s Our Vision?

Oral Care Home carries one major vision wholeheartedly throughout their entire project – access to accurate knowledge. It might sound like a regular thing, but in the field of dental health, it’s anything but.

The suggestions we provide, the products we recommend, the solutions we support are all tested & proven to have taken the safest and healthiest part. Coming from professional dentists who are submerged in such practices everyday with vast knowledge into the matter, we assure you that you can trust and implement our guidelines without a second of hesitation!

Our Team

Our team consists of two of the most highly acclaimed dentists from the Connecticut region who regularly practise dentistry in private hospitals of the area. A brief overview of their life & career should create a connection between them and the subscribers online.

Dr. Bryce Gates

FounderBryce Gates

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Dr. Gates is an active practitioner in the Connecticut state of the USA and is highly rated in the local doctors’ platform. With a degree obtained from University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine back in 2009, Dr. Gates’s experience in dentistry has seen him climb up the steps of success in a matter of years.

With maternal descendance rooting back to Japan, Dr. Gates’s former education took place in Tokyo where he lived with his parents. Currently a father of two beautiful children, his wonderful personality glows in the presence of his patients more every day. During his free times, he serves with volunteering clinics to treat the homeless population of the area to ensure them proper dental health, all of which is free of any cost.

Dr. Ryan Craig

Editor-in-Chiefryan craig

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Dr. Craig is one of the closest friends of Dr. Gates as they studied together in college throughout the years and practice their dentistry in the same region. What’s special about Dr. Craig is his deep knowledge of modern dental hygiene products which he personally tests before recommending to his patients.

As the dental hygiene market is booming with new products everyday, Dr. Craig believes that it’s highly essential to differentiate the fine products from the average ones to ensure that proper health criteria are met with perfection. Dr. Craig’s ability of identifying the most refined gadgets is one of the key elements that he brings to the company and its values.