How to Clean Mouth Guard – Complete Instruction Guide

It is quite important to take care of your mouth guard properly in order to prevent many dental diseases. Namely, the mouth guard is also known as the teeth grinding, and therefore, it helps people not to damage their teeth while they are sleeping at night.

Anyhow, let’s see exactly how to clean mouth guard in the best possible way. Let’s start.

7 Methods of Cleaning the Mouth Guard Properly

First of all, there are many ways on how to clean mouth guard, but we are going to discuss only 7 of them since they are possibly the best ones.

Let’s start from the top.

  • Use toothbrush and toothpaste in order to clean your mouth guard.
  • Use devices for dental sanitizing.
  • Natural methods.
  • Cleaning tablets and powders for a mouth guard.
  • Use soap and water.
  • Professional mouth guard cleaning method.
  • Cleaning with a mouth rinse.

1) Use toothbrush and toothpaste

Cleaning mouth guard

As we all know, the mouth guard goes into your mouth and protects your teeth from grinding or any other damage. Now, if you clean your teeth with toothpaste and toothbrush, which is only normal, it is also recommendable to clean mouth guard with these items as well.

Anyhow, the process is nearly the same as cleaning your teeth. However, cleaning a mouth guard is even easier since you can hold it in your hands in front of you. Therefore, you will be able to see every corner and part of mouth guard that needs deeper cleaning.

Furthermore, the mouth guard cleaning needs to be done properly and without the use of too much toothpaste. Since toothpaste is made mainly for teeth, the mouth guard may be damaged a little bit if you use too much toothpaste.

In the end, wash the mouth guard a couple of times just to make sure that everything is pretty and shiny.

2) Use devices for dental sanitizing

Use devices

By using dental sanitizing devices, you will ensure that your mouth guard will get the best cleaning treatment. Simply put, there are lots of different dental sanitizing devices on the market and they are mostly all valuable and worth the money.

With a good dental sanitizing device, you will be able to clean your mouth guard without any complications. Therefore, this method is strongly recommendable for those who are not sure how to clean their mouth guard properly.

You definitely can’t go wrong with dental sanitizing devices since they are made to provide deep cleaning of the mouth guard. Also, it is not that hard to use them as well, just read the instructions on how to clean your mouth guard and you will be fine.

3) Natural methods

natural methods

There are plenty of ways to clean your mouth guard with the use of natural methods. Simply put, most of the natural methods are based on the use of vinegar and lemon acids.

As we all know, vinegar and lemon are one of the best ways of killing the bacteria that live in our mouth and that can be transferred onto mouth guard.

Therefore, just use the vinegar and lemon and you will be fine.

4) Cleaning tablets and powders for a mouth guard

Cleaning tablets

Possibly the most popular method on how to clean your mouth guard is to use the cleaning tablets and powders. You will definitely find many of these products in any drug store right next to dental products.

They are not only good for cleaning mouth guard, but also to sanitize and protect the mouth guard. Since these products are made only for cleaning of the mouth guard, you can’t go wrong if you use them.

The only downside is that they cost money, but they are totally affordable and valuable on the other hand.

5) Use soap and water

Use soap and water

Now, this method is basically the easiest one. Simply, clean the mouth guard with soap and water the same way like you would wash your hands.

One thing you need to keep in mind here, that’s the washing process. You can’t let any of the soap remain on the mouth guard because that can hurt your mouth hygiene.

However, with an everyday cleaning of the mouth guard with this method, you will make sure that your mouth guard is perfectly cleaned and ready to use.

6) Professional mouth guard cleaning method

The best and possibly the safest way of cleaning your mouth guard is to let someone who is professional to clean it. These professionals are usually dentist with a lot of experience in this field.

They will know exactly which method to use and they will recommend you what to do in order to keep it clean and safe to use. Also, dentist’s opinion and advice is definitely the best way of knowing how to clean a mouth guard properly.

7) Cleaning with a mouth rinse

You clean your mouth with mouth rinse products and that way you ensure the perfect dental hygiene. The same goes with the mouth guard. Namely, by using the mouth rinse to clean your mouth guard, you will basically ensure the best cleaning and the best protection.

Never the less, mouth rinse is also a good option since it can sever you both ways. One is to clean your mouth, and other one is to clean your mouth guard. This way, you won’t have to spend money on other cleaning products.


In the light of everything we said above, it is only logical to conclude that cleaning your mouth guard isn’t a hard thing to do. With the use of the right method, you will ensure that your mouth guard is perfectly cleaned and ready to use again.

All of these methods are strongly recommendable for many people and they do not cost a lot of money to do.

Now, it is only up to you to decide which method to use since every method is easy to do and provide great dental hygiene.

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