Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Review: Things You Should Know About This Toothbrush

The Oral-B genius pro 8000 has been designed for providing all the required features to the users. This electric toothbrush contains all the required features for cleaning the mouth in the best form. In accordance with the added features and functionalities, no doubt, this electric toothbrush is one of the most expensive toothbrushes of the Oral B brand. Targeting most of the oral needs and requirements of the users, some of the users claim this toothbrush as the complete package of the oral care.

The Oral B pro 8000 toothbrush is only available in black color and comes in an attractive design. This oral b toothbrush guarantees the complete care of the oral needs targeting even the hardest spots of the mouth. Not aware of what features this toothbrush can offer? Let us have a closer look at the various features that this toothbrush offers to its users with the detailed information.

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What Can you Find in the Box?

Unboxing oral-b 8000

Before moving any further with highlighting the features of the toothbrush, let us first have a look at the various things that come along with this beautiful Oral B model. The box packing of the electric toothbrush of Oral B is known to be a class as it allows sufficient and enough space for everything that is enclosed. Here is the list of some of the accessories that you can get along when buying this Oral B toothbrush:

  • Oral B pro 8000 toothbrush
  • 2 different brush heads namely
  • Sensitive brush head
  • CrossAction brush head
  • The 3D white brush head
  • Traveling kit
  • Charging base/stand
  • Charging cable
  • Holder for smartphone
  • User guide

Get Oral-B 8000 at Amazon

Design of the Toothbrush

There has been always a question regarding the high price of the Oral B genius pro 8000. Most of the people question as to why this electric toothbrush is available at such a high price. One of the answers that can be given in response to this doubt is that the toothbrush is made in the best design model.

Design of oral-b 8000

The design of the Oral-B genius pro 8000 toothbrush has been kept according to the present time. The great body line of the brush along with the attractive black color makes an amazing combination for catching the attention of the users. The users can conveniently hold the brush without worrying about any slippery surface. The brush weighs around 140grams which is neither a heavyweight for a toothbrush and nor is considered as lightweight. Thus, the average delivers the required amount of weight to the hands of the person holding it.

Talking about the bristles of the toothbrush, it is made with supreme quality to ensure delivering maximum cleaning. The bristles are too gentle for the teeth as well as for the gums which makes this a complete package handling gum care as well. The different buttons are made to handle different functions for cleaning. All the buttons of the toothbrush are easy to operate which makes it easy for the users to use it.

The extended battery life of the toothbrush is also one of the attractions of this model. This toothbrush can be used for sufficient amount of time with just one round of charging. The plastic body of the electric toothbrush makes it water resistant which means that the toothbrush can be used under any condition. The toothbrush does complete justice to the price that is charged for.

Get Oral-B 8000 at Amazon

Features of the Toothbrush

The entire designing of the Oral-B genius pro 8000 is done in accordance to the diversifying features that it delivers to its users. Here is a quick glimpse of the various features that can be expected out of this masterpiece:

Cleaning modes

Cleaning modes

Unlike many other electric toothbrushes, this electric toothbrush delivers a total of 6 cleaning modes to the users. All the cleaning modes are designed for taking complete care of the mouth along with the tongue as an addition. The following are the 6 cleaning modes that this toothbrush offers:

  • Daily clean: it is meant for the daily oral needs
  • Gum care: targets the gum line along with taking care of the other areas of the mouth
  • Sensitive: takes good care of the sensitive-prone teeth
  • Whitening: ensures proper and consistent whitening of the teeth
  • Pro clean: delivers 3,000 brushing movements in a minute
  • Tongue clean: thoroughly cleans the tongue

Traveling kit

Traveling kit

This electric toothbrush is also enabled with a very stylish traveling kit that has been designed for the people who are constant travelers. The kit is kept lightweight so that it becomes easy to carry and travel with. The travel kit is a black box made of plastic and is branded which ensures great quality.

Many people think that the travel kit can be improved a lot as the other Oral B toothbrushes come in a much-advanced look and travel kit. Overall, the look and performance of the travel case are sufficient to make this electric toothbrush one of its kinds.

Pressure sensor.

Pressure sensor

The Oral B genius pro 8000 electric toothbrush also has a pressure sensor facility. This means that the toothbrush will indicate the users if they apply more pressure on their teeth while brushing. This facility is extremely helpful for the beginners as they are not totally aware of the pressure that needs to be applied while using the toothbrush.

Hence, with pressure sensor facility they can be sure that they are using the right pressure when cleaning their teeth without damaging it any further.

Smart ring

Smart ring

This is a unique feature that comes with this model of Oral B. The smart ring technique is so made that it changes color with each action of the user. It is like a flashing light that changes color. This means that whenever any of your action is against or in favor of the normal working of the toothbrush, this flashlight or the smart ring will change its color to indicate you about the situation.

This technique is also the same as that of pressure sensor only it covers all the activities of the toothbrush rather than focusing on one.

Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity

This electric toothbrush also has Bluetooth connectivity which makes it suitable for the present as well as future needs. The users can easily access this feature to keep a record of their brushing habits and data recorded about the same.

The Bluetooth technology helps the users to access the toothbrush from its app on the smartphone. Thus, the users can see their brushing habits as and when required by them.



The timer facility of this electric toothbrush is helpful to be sure that the brush is being used for the equal amount of time in all parts of the mouth. It guarantees that the users are not concentrating only on one part of the mouth while brushing.

Rather it ensures that the users invest an equal amount of time in each portion of the mouth delivering the same care to each one of them. The timer beeps after 30 seconds to indicate switching to the next teeth or section.

Position detection

Position detection

The oral b 8000 toothbrush is also enabled with a unique feature of position detection. Brushing in the right direction is very important if you want to get the desired and expected results. But there is hardly any time when we are totally sure about the correct position of using the brush.

With the position detection feature of this electric toothbrush, one can be absolutely sure that the brushing is being done in the right and consistent manner.

The pros and cons of the toothbrush

After delivering the so amazing features to its users, there are some other benefits and limitations with which the Oral-B genius pro 8000 comes with. Let us have a look at those:


  • Provides different brushing heads to the users
  • Comes with 6 different cleaning modes
  • Removes maximum amount of plaque
  • Provides the maximum care to the gum line
  • Smooth bristles
  • Comes with a smooth and spacious travel kit
  • Long and extended battery life
  • Offers Bluetooth connectivity which can be accessed with the smart app
  • Average weight


  • Buttons available on the body of the toothbrush are quite hard to press
  • The toothbrush is really expensive
  • The brush head is a bit large making it difficult for the people with a small mouth to use it

Final Words

The Oral B Genius Pro 8000 is a complete package that can deliver the expected results to all types of users and for their different types of oral needs. You can be completely sure of getting the best results as this toothbrush is designed with the best technology. It is the right and perfect combination of advanced technology and best comfort. When are you trying it?

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