Oral B Pro 3000 Review: Everything You Need to Know About This Toothbrush

Oral B needs no introduction in the world of electric toothbrushes. It is one of the most well-known names in the industry that has been consistently working in the oral health industry. Keeping the changing needs of its users in mind, Oral B has always come with the latest models.

The Oral B pro 3000 is one such model that has been designed for targeting the complete oral care of the people. All you have to take care is the fact that you are making the right selection of its features for your varying needs.

Here is a detailed Oral B pro 3000 review for all the users who are considering buying this toothbrush for handling all their oral needs. The model designed by Oral B is one of the trusted models of electric toothbrush that can help you achieve the ultimate care of your oral health. Let us take a deep look at the various essential factors and components of this electric toothbrush.

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What’s in The Packaging?

Oral_B 3000

Before going any deep with the feature, functionalities or the components of the toothbrush, let us have a look at the various elements that one can find when unboxing the toothbrush. The packaging of the box is done in the most stylish yet innovative and effective way.

In the packaging, you will find distinguished spaces for all the various components of the toothbrush. Here are some of the components that are available in the box:

  • Oral B pro 3000 handle
  • Pro-White brush head
  • Battery charger
  • Instruction manual
  • Toothbrush stand

All these components are so made that they compliments each other brilliantly.

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Overall Design of The Toothbrush


The Oral B pro 3000 toothbrush is designed in such a way that it offers the maximum attractions to its users. With the amazing stability that the handle offers, it can be used effectively under all climatic conditions. This toothbrush is easy to start on and off with the use of effective power button. The available brush head that comes with this toothbrush cleans maximum amount of plaque from teeth and ensures total protection of mouth.

Talking about the quality of the bristles of the Oral B pro 3000 toothbrush, it contains soft and smooth bristles which offer gentle cleaning. The sleek design of this toothbrush feels extremely light-weight making it convenient for the users to use it for all the needs. Thus, even if you are new to use electric toothbrush, you would simply love using Oral B pro 3000.

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The convenient diameter of the brush head of this toothbrush is so made that it can be used by even the people with a small mouth. The extended battery life of this toothbrush helps its users to easily travel with the toothbrush. This toothbrush is such a beauty to use that you will develop some really good habits to take care of your oral needs and requirements.

Offered features

Offered features

This Oral B toothbrush is one masterpiece that serves all the brilliant features to its users. One can completely rely on all the features that this toothbrush offers. Here are some of the features that this electric toothbrush offers:

  • Bluetooth connectivity

This toothbrush enables the users to connect their electric toothbrush with their recommended app by the Bluetooth technology. The users can easily record, monitor and analyze all of their oral habits that can be further used for improving their oral health and brushing movements.

  • Pressure sensors

The available pressure sensors in this toothbrush ensure that the users can apply the relevant amount of pressure on teeth while brushing. Whenever any user applies some extra pressure on teeth while brushing, the pressure sensor turns red to indicate the higher amount of pressure.

  • Varying brushing modes

This toothbrush offers a variety of brushing modes which allow the users to be sure that they are getting the complete oral care. Users can easily switch in between the brushing modes as per their needs and requirements.

  • Flexible bristle movements

The flexibility of the bristle movements guarantees that the bristles reach to the hardest positions inside the mouth for delivering maximum cleaning. The flexibility also ensures the maximum removal of plaque from every corner of the mouth.

  • Polishing feature

The Pro-white brush head of this toothbrush is so made that it polishes teeth with its polishing cup. Polishing process of this brush head is known as the ‘dentist-inspired round head’ as it delivers the same result as you get after visiting dentists.

  • Brush head movements

Just like the bristle movements, the movements of the brush head of this model are also distinguished. The rotational and pulsation movements break the maximum amount of plaque and teeth stains. Regular movement of this brush head also prevents the re-occurrence of stains on teeth. Therefore, you can be absolutely sure to get the most beautiful smile with the use of this toothbrush.

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The battery life

battery life

The industry experts suggest to charge full before using it for the first time. After analyzing the Oral B pro 3000 review, it is official that this toothbrush can be continuously used for 7 days after being charged for 22 hours. The battery is so designed that it cannot be over-charged. Once the toothbrush is completely charged, the indicator light for charging goes off and automatically switches off.The extended battery life of the toothbrush makes it convenient for users for travelling with it. Since this toothbrush can remain charged for 10 days, traveling users don’t have to worry about finding a place for charging it. It just adds to the convenience of users who carry the toothbrush with them wherever they go.

The cleaning modes

cleaning modes

Although this toothbrush offers less number of cleaning modes, still it outshines many of the other available toothbrushes. The available cleaning modes are so effective for delivering results that it can easily compete to the electric toothbrushes with many options of cleaning modes.

The following are the cleaning mode options that come with Oral B pro 3000 toothbrush:

  • Daily Clean: The daily clean brushing mode of this toothbrush is general brushing mode similar to that of a manual mode yet much effective than that. This brushing mode is so made to target the general brushing needs of the user.
  • Gum care: The gum care brushing mode is such a brushing mode that targets the gum line of mouth. While most of us often ignore targeting the gum line which causes a lot of damage to the oral health, this brushing mode ensures the healthy gums.
  • Sensitive: Sensitive brushing mode is made for targeting the sensitivity of teeth. This brushing mode is designed to help people who are dealing with the problem of teeth sensitivity. The regular use of this brushing mode ensures the improvement of sensitivity problem and reducing further complications.

The benefits of using the toothbrush

Amidst the so many wonderful features and amazing performance, this Oral B electric toothbrush offers these benefits to its users:

  • Affordable price: If you are thinking that due to its amazing features this toothbrush will be expensive, then you are wrong. This toothbrush is available within affordable price range.
  • Practical use: All the aspects of this toothbrush are so designed that their functioning can be used in the day to day world. Nothing is made which may be felt as artificial.
  • Effective data storing: The app of this model is sufficient enough for storing data of 20 cleanings. Thus, every time you can look at your brushing habits and can improve.
  • Variety of features: This toothbrush has some great features for everyone. Whatever they need, they can easily find it in this electric toothbrush.


Let’s have a look at various limitations of this electric toothbrush:

  • Battery indication: The battery does not indicate for low charge unless it is completely drained out.

The Final Verdict

After completing Oral B pro 3000 review, people should try this electric toothbrush if they want value for their money. The useful features and functionalities make this toothbrush as one of the best toothbrushes in the industry.

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